Sept. 7 Waiting…

Waiting – UPDATED – turns out we did not have a benefactor.  We will still owe upwards of $300,000 for Trent’s accident alone.  Goodness, it was good to think, even for a second, that we did not have that hanging over us.  Now, we just don’t think about it.


The oncologist appointment last week went well. It wasn’t more than a check-in so that he could officially refer us to MD Anderson. Now, we wait for a call from MDA to schedule with them. At best we’ll hear something this coming week, and the following week at the latest. For now, we wait and now I wonder if there is anything more that I should be doing. Apparently, yes, because the tumor grew quite a bit between his accident and about the 3rd round of Chemo. Hindsight, dammit. (Feb. 11)
However, our time might be somewhat occupied between now and then. Trent has an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow and they’ll likely schedule another surgery to remove the ex-fix from his arm and possibly place something on the inside of his arm instead. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow morning.

We received a series of bills from the hospital and various doctors that Trent has seen. The one from the hospital stay itself (12 days including 5 days in ICU) totaled over three hundred thousand dollars. At the time of the accident Trent didn’t have insurance. After the initial sticker shock wore off a bit we looked at the bottom of the bill in the area for patient payment, which was marked 0.00. Meaning we owe nothing. The best we can imagine is that a charity picked up Trent’s case for any number of reasons. Whatever those reasons might be to say that we are grateful is the utmost of understatements. Going into chemo with a $306,000 would be devastating, but now we can move into that phase with much more reasonable baggage. Thank you, Jesus. Praise God. We are being carried through this entire thing. Prayer works. Please continue to share our story. My husband has been given another chance to tell an amazing story that has just begun.

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