Sept. 17 C. Diff


Since the fever Trent was found to have a pretty horrendous bacteria called C. Diff. He was asked to return to the ER and was then admitted to the hospital for 2.5 days son that they could get the symptoms under control. He no longer has symptoms and is home from the hospital since Saturday afternoon. He has a couple more weeks of antibiotics and then hopefully we’ll be finished with those. In the meantime there has been no baby or kid-kissing or hugging/touching. Its been difficult to say the least. Mom is on 24 hour baby duty. Trent helps when and where he can of course. The girls are both down with there own bugs as well. Hopefully we’ll all be feeling better very soon.

We had some very welcome visitors while Trent was in the hospital. It meant a lot for his best friend Curtis and his new wife, Amanda, to visit. The spirits were definitely lifted. 

Also, with the much needed help of Trent’s awesome infectious disease doc, Elizabeth Douglas, our squeaky wheel, we were finally able to get an appointment at MD Anderson! I was calling and leaving messages for our “patient representative” 3 times a day, but she was able to call today while he was in the office and work doctor magic. I’m so thankful for her. We go Sept. 30. Between now and then we’ll get everything in order, focus on keeping everyone healthy and spending time together and with friends and family.

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