Oct. 3 MDA

MDA Oct. 3

Sorry I haven’t updated. Frankly, I haven’t been “in the mood.” Between hounding doctors’ offices, wifeing, mommying and breastfeeding, pumping, appointments, dogs and anything else that you can imagine we’ve been swamped. So many of you have offered help and delivered and it’s been such a true blessing. We love hearing voices and seeing faces. 

Well, we finally actually made it to MD Anderson but the trip wasn’t without incident. About 30 minutes away from the Hospital on our way in on Tuesday I called to confirm logistics for the last time. Where should we park, what building and whatnot, only to find that the appointment had allegedly been canceled. Uhh, no. Those of you who are familiar with this ongoing situation and my current attitude know that this did not going over well, to say the least. At the advice of our favorite doctor I informed them that they actually would be seeing my husband in 30 minutes as scheduled. And they did. From then on the process has been quite nice considering. This really is THE HOSPITAL. They offer so much support for patients and family. They’ve truly thought of everything. I was even able to find a mothers room to do my baby business to keep up with Coley at home. Another real blessing are the employees of this facility who have true hearts for the work that they do. 

As we speak Trent is in a procedure. He’s having a ct guided biopsy of his lung to reevaluate the nature of his tumor.

As far as returning to Austin is concerned. He has an appointment with the Austin oncologist on Friday to finalize plans for chemo. Preliminary it will work like this – he’ll have a 4.5 month round. Within that round he’ll have 3 six week cycles. Within those cycles he’ll have 2 administrations of medications for 5 days each at the beginning of each 3 week set. At the end of each 6 week cycle he’ll return to the Houston oncologist for scans and progress checks. At the end of the 4.5 months he’ll have another check and he’ll likely be given a 6 month break from the chemotherapy. 


I’m back with Trent now. Everything went great. He’s doing well, resting. He was understandably sad when he came out of the procedure – the sedation medicine messes with him too. He’ll have xrays to monitor his lungs over the course of 3 hours. If those xrays are good they’ll let us go, but the nurse did inform me that we aren’t supposed to go further than 1 hr away for the first 24 hours. Great. But, its for his health and we’ll do what we gotta. She said she’d speak with the doc and let us know.

Thank you to our Houston family for taking such good care of us. Regan, Todd, Carol, Ty, Chris, Rachel and John – thank you.

Momma, we’ll home soon!??????

Brinna, Lil, Gav and Coley we love you and we can’t wait to squeeze you all!?????????

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