What’s With All of the Posting?

So, I’m trying to consolidate all of this business in hopes that it’s easier for everyone to keep up with us – please be patient with me.  What you’ll see to the right is past updates that I wrote for another site.  You might have read these previously, but I’ve added a few thoughts as I was sifting through the last 6 months.  My hope is that all things Gibson will be contained on this blog.  I’m going to get the youcaring.com site attached, along with a few other items.

My plan is to be as honest as possible here.  I write for so many reasons, but I really write for me and others like me.  This is quite arguably the most difficult situation a human can be saddled with and I vow to make sense of it and for me, right now, this is how I’ll do it.  Devastatingly enough, I am not alone in my struggle.  There are so many more out there who feel what we feel but cannot put it into words.  I thank God that I can!  I’m so glad that I can write!  There is so much in here, in me, and I know some of you are waiting for it to come roiling out, but it won’t.  I don’t communicate that way.  Never have.  I will put it here though.  All of the gory details because it’s real.  And there is no shame in what we are feeling.  None.  It’s sometimes ugly because cancer is sometimes ugly.  It’s sad because cancer is brutal.  It’s beautiful because strangely enough sometimes cancer is beautiful.  I promise I’ll explain more soon.  Anyway, if I ever forget to say, thank you for reading.


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