Our Fundraisers – YouCaring, Bravelets, TeeSpring


Here is a link to all of GP6 crowd funding sites. I’m still working on the next t-shirt (kid friendly :)) Thank you so much for your giving. We couldn’t make it without your help.  I think that we are, together, bringing awareness to so many issues facing families in today’s age and to the issues we all bare when faced with long term illness.  We are working through the shame of asking for help and are motivated by the potential to help so many through our experiences – to simply, and hopefully, make it easier for the next family of survivors.

teespring Teespring – This is my personal favorite!  I just launched a new design 🙂 Just click on the link to check it out.  I love Teespring because it allows me to be creative (I fancied myself a t-shirt designer while I was coaching) and still promote our cause.  I also love seeing you in our shirts.

  I’ve been with several of our friends when they have been wearing our t-shirt design and were asked by strangers what the heck the logos mean – and your responses were exactly what I wanted to hear!  Spreading positive messages while helping us out and looking great – a perfect combination.

  So, how it works.  I design a shirt.  I set the price and goal for t-shirts sold and a deadline.  I advertise via social media and when I reach the goal I previously set for myself the company foots the bill for production of the shirts, sends you your shirt when the sale completely closes and a check with a pretty good portion of the profits comes directly to us.  They even recently added a bonus feature where the company kicks you extra ducats if your design sales take off.

youcaring imageYou Caring – This is a direct giving site.  There are no purchases or gifts that will come to you.  The funds come directly to our family for medical and living expenses through a PayPal account in my name.  The funds are made available to us through our checking account.  The funds are not immediately available, but are timely.

braveletsBravelets – This is a Texas-based company that gives you something in return for your generosity.  It’s basically an online store that allows me to choose different jewelry that I feel represents us and our cause for you to wear in our honor.  Ten whole dollars for every piece of jewelry sold comes directly to us in the form of a check from the Bravelets company.  I love this idea for so many reasons.  The jewelry is quality and pretty.

As always, thanks for reading.  Do good. Don’t quit.



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