If I haven’t learned anything through this entire ordeal I have learned to expect the imageunexpected and I thought we had both prepared ourselves for every variable. Turns out I still, apparently, know nothing.  Trent has to begin another round of chemotherapy.  Different this time.  Adriamyacin (yes, vet people, that one) and Doxorubicin.  He’ll do 3 days of chemo, one day off, then receive his neulasta shot, likely beginning Monday.  The reason for this change of plan?  The bigger tumors showed growth and his MDA doctor wants to change up the chemo and give it another go.  She’s not comfortable beginning a daily chemo until his tumors are stable.  Yeah, that just happened.

I don’t think we know what to think about this yet, other than it sucks. We haven’t really talked about it yet, but we will.  What we do know is this means more change for everybody, and we don’t like that.  The list goes on and I’m not ready to rant yet, but for now this is what I’ve got.  As always, thank you.

Oh yeah. I realized I haven’t posted any pictures so here’s my sad attempt at a tour.

Thanks PawPaw Laywon for always making sure we arrive in style.


This is actually an aquarium that is not on yet because we were so early the fish were still asleep.


"Tree of Life"
Tree of Life in the main lobby area of The Mays Clinic. This thing is huge.


Me, waiting…as usual when we are here.


I believe this was pre-Dr. entrance, but post-Nurse Practitioner acting weird because she knew we had been waiting forever for not so good news.


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