The idea is that we are all one degree away from cancer.  True, right?  We all know somebody, love somebody or are somebody who is being or has been touched by cancer.  Therefore, it would only make sense that cancer would and should be in the forefront of American minds, all American minds – including Congress (I know – oxymoronic), but it’s not.  To put it into perspective, funding is down 26% since 2003 for government funded cancer research. Uh, no sir.  Not ok.  My mind automatically wonders to ‘If that funding had remained consistent or increased, would we even be in the situation we are in?’  I’ll never know, but I do know this.  I know that you and I can do something moving forward and this is actually super easy.  Simply watch the video (to make it easier on you, ladies, Pierce Brosnan is featured – devastatingly handsome and a doer, very cool) and then follow the directions and then, of course, like it, share it, tweet it, pin it, post it, tag it.  It’s that simple.  Thanks in advance!



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