It’s National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week! Yay! Boo.

Yes, there is an entire week dedicated to young adult cancer and how fitting for us that it’s this week.  I’m attaching a link that is a brief and awesome explanation as to why young adult cancer sucks so bad.  It’s not exhaustive – I’m not sure if the author has kids – but what is there is accurate.  Read it and it will help you understand why our struggle is so real.

Trent is back in Brackenridge Hospital (ha! Back in Brack! ACDC? Back in Black?  Get it?).  Yes, he is there for more chemo.  While he had a pretty bad week prior to admitting, just dealing with the knowledge that he was voluntarily going to make himself very sick yet again after believing that he wouldn’t have to do it anymore, I myself am having my freak-out now.  (Look back to a previous post, “Chemo No Mo,” as a foundation for my craziness)  Unexpected, and horrible.  Am I sad?  Yes.  How could I not be?  Am I a bit whacked right now?  Yep.  Will I be ok? Absolutely.  I am me.  People tell me “Be strong” and “You’re so strong.”  I’ll tell you this much, I have no idea what that means or how to do that.  I’ll just continue to do me, ebbs and flows.  Which means I might be totally cool one minute and a complete psychotic mess the next.  My only goals are to make sure I keep my job until the end of May and not screwing my kids up too much.  I hope I didn’t fail to bad at one of those yesterday.

We had a great weekend prior to Trent’s incarceration.  We took family pictures,family pic

which was quite the adventure with a 2 year old, a sweet baby and a 13 year old with a tendency to wander.  Sabrinna did fine, if anything a bit disgruntled with her make-up situation. Then, we had a family slumber party for Easter that was a complete, and much needed, blast.

Lastly, I am very invested in making the most of Trent’s cancer and I know for myself the more information that I have the better off I am.  Some of you might feel the same.  Some of you are just invested in us as family, and some are simply interested in how Trent is doing.  What I want to know is when you see that I have posted another blog, other than the obvious hope of remission, what do you look forward to reading?  Information about Sarcomas?  Information about young adult cancer?  Chemotherapy?  So, just as a favor to me please think about why it is that you read Confessions… (more than just because you love and support us – we know you do.  Thank you) and comment below or send me a message.

As always, thank you for reading.  Share it, like it and maybe one day I can support us by doing this.


2 thoughts on “It’s National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week! Yay! Boo.

  1. Dominique says:

    Well, besides the fact that I’m truly inspired to be a better person just because you all seem to be making the best out of a mess, I tune in to learn about the ups & downs, highs & lows, good & bad & all that’s in between of the family that goes thru the cancer with the one who has it. You mostly hear about how people made it thru without many details of what that ‘thru’ entailed! You surely don’t hear about how the family struggles & rises from it (or doesn’t). I think if anyone chooses to share their story, then share it all. It will help others be more prepared, help others in wanting to dive into becoming more aware of the different types of cancer & donating or volunteering towards the cure, help those who suffer from this & other cancers encourage one another so it makes the process a bit easier (if it can be made easier) & help the World realize that knowledge is Power! Again, Thank you for sharing this Incredible Story $ wanting to help others in your time of need…Self-Less!

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