We are so excited! Praise God! Something we’ve been working for and praying about is coming true!

We have been working with a wonderful organization in Austin, Without Regrets, who is sending us to Colorado! They really impress upon the families that they work with for the patient to really think about what memories they want to leave for their loved one’s and Trent has a real connection to Colorado and the time he spent there. So Colorado it is! We are so excited! They cover airfare, rental car and food money – but not incidentals. We are also taking my mother, Robbie, who has been Trent’s right hand and my rock throughout this entire year (see ‘life’), but they will not cover her cost either. So, can you share our story? We need this. Trent and my Mom deserve this. Our kids deserve this and we want it to be the trip of a lifetime – because it is. We’ve been given such a gift. The gift of this trip, and the gift of realization. All of our days are numbered. We’ve been confronted with this and we are living life!

Here’s the nuts and bolts of the trip.  We fly into Denver July 25 (yeah, 2 weeks away!) we’ll spend the night there and then drive to Steamboat Springs the next day and stay for 3 days, adventure and explore and do, then back to Denver for day 5, then home. Yep, 2 weeks away!!! Please help us to make this what it is – THE BEST TRIP EVER!



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