A Little Down – But Not Out

One might say it hasn’t been the best week for GP7 – as we’re referring to ourselves these days.  After a great birthday weekend (thank you to those of you who spent time with us or thought about spending time with us or intended to spend time with us but couldn’t – I think I covered it all), we decided it would be a good idea to have a “family meeting” with one of our children.  It didn’t go anywhere near as well as intended, we’ll just say that.  To say that they might not be handling everything well is an understatement.  What I’ve learned about cancer is that it highlights both the good (there are some times that I hold so dear) and the bad pretty equally, and for one, or possibly more, of our children, past and reoccurring hurts are ever present in the current state of our family.  Now, mix in age, maturity, level of supposed-independence and well, like I said, talk not go well.

The day after our talk we headed to MD Anderson.  You can read about that wonderful trip here.  I jest. It was anything but wonderful.  After our return I realized it was time for me to go back into fight-mode.  They caught me slippin’.  That will not happen again.  Not to us.  Not to Trent.  So, in an effort to help my family and my husband I’m posting a couple of articles for you to peruse at your leisure.  We are entering a new phase in this damn thing and it’s getting more complicated and just plain hard.  If you love Trent, Sabrinna, Lily, Gavin, Cole, Robbie or me, you’ll read.  No pressure. 🙂

The first article is the most important to Trent.  He wants you to understand how he’s feeling but cannot communicate these feelings to you.  That statement in and of itself is incredibly frustrating for him.  So, here I am, meddling in hopes that I might stumble upon helping.  In case you missed the first two hints at links, here’s the link:  Distress in People With Cancer.

Here’s the link to the next article.  I AM ABSOLUTELY GOING TO PISS SOME OF YOU OFF BECAUSE OF THIS ARTICLE. I understand that, I apologize for how you feel, but I will not apologize for bringing this to your attention.  We live this everyday and we can’t apologize for that.  Cancer doesn’t care about our feelings.  In case you have read all of the first article, you should do that first.  Really. It will help.  It is time for us to think seriously about what the future will really look like for us all.  Practically, emotionally, financially, socially, spiritually.  If you’re invested in us, this will effect you and you can’t avoid it.  If you’re not ready, you’re not ready.  I understand and I still love you.

Speaking of spirituality, this book has meant so much to us and the timing is Godly.  Thank you.  Our pastor at Gateway Church Austin wrote Imagine Heaven and spent a good amount of time talking about it’s contents spread over six services, complete with six people that have had actual near-death experiences. Sounds like a ploy to sell a book, right?  Absolutely not.  This book is about understanding life’s biggest question in a way that it hasn’t been understood before.  It has offered us so much comfort and I highly recommend it.  It might do the same for you.  I have 3 copies – I’ll send you one if you like.  Sorry, scratch that. I only have 2 left.  It’s coming, Amber!

So, anyway, as always thank you, new friends and old for walking with us through this thing.  Just remember…




5 thoughts on “A Little Down – But Not Out

  1. Shawna Wiebusch says:

    Love, hugs, prayers, and peace for you and yours, Adrienne. Every family’s fight with cancer is unique. Thank you for sharing yours with us. All I can say is or do is hugs.


  2. Sheena Fleener says:

    Thank you, Adrienne! I read the articles and will be ordering John’s book. I have few words but now I know how to pray more specifically for ya’ll.
    Sabrina’s Coach, Austin Jrs 14s – Hi Sabrina! I tried to text you back in May but must have an old number for you. Would love to hear from you! 512-563-5010 Text/call anytime. 🙂


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