So This Happened…

A few months back I was approached through this very blog by a lovely lady, Kathleen Engel, who also happened to be an editor from Health Monitor Magazine.  You know, the magazines you read in the doctor’s office, while you’re waiting. You know those people inside? Yeah, they’re real people! Their stories are real, and incredible! So cool, so well made, informative, positive. The whole thing.

Well, Kathleen happened to come across my blog one day and thought we had a great message and wanted to give us the opportunity to share our story with others – like us, and anyone else who came across the magazine. Long story short, after an interview, a photo shoot with a wonderful photographer, Sanjay Patel  (Side note – Like seriously, the nicest guy.  He rearranged his schedule with no problem after I had to reschedule at the last minute because EVERYONE was sick. And, I guess I mentioned that Gavin is a photographer and Sanjay brought him his son’s first fully functional camera. Ughhh, our hearts were full that day.) and a little time, here we are.


The article is on page 28. Thank you, Kathleen.  It’s beautiful.


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