Votrient – 5 weeks

Here’s the latest. Most people do really well on Votrient, the targeted therapy that Trent is taking orally.  Most people have minimal side effects for a few weeks while they are adjusting to the medication and then things level out and they can resume life as mostly normal, for someone who has late stage cancer.  So, the side effects suck, not as bad as IV chemo, but they still suck but they are supposedly short lived. Well, guess who seems to be in the small percentage of patients who have terrible side effects and potentially can’t tolerate the medication? Yep. That guy. He’s suffering. We’ve done all the necessaries and are going through the proper procedures for escalating our concerns, but this sucks. Trent is fighting it with everything he has, but he’s tired. Like really tired.

In any case, we’re going to the doctor again tomorrow at the advice of Trent’s nurse navigator (who is great, and available). I’m not sure what this week is going to be like for this house. Cole has a well-baby check tomorrow and Gavin has a cardiology appointment. Lily is fighting a sinus infection as well.  Life doesn’t stop, so neither can we. Here we go.


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