We’re Here.

It feels like we’re finally settling in. It is not any easy trip to get here but it’s completely worth it. This place is magical. So much wildlife and flowers and rain. This morning we both woke up before sunrise and watched the stars. The sky was so clear and they felt so close – we could almost touch them. We ate breakfast before 7a and the gardener is already working away outside, but it’s fine. It’s so peaceful and the temperature is perfect, just above 70 and breezy. We have yet to close any windows. Trent went on several adventures yesterday while I just lazed about. Perfect. I think we’re going to get out together a bit later. Maybe wander around in the jungle, get some lunch and have some drinks. 

Trent is feeling well.  He’s taken a few spills because of the rainslicked driveway but he’s fine. Everything else he deals with is a bit better. It’s nice. 

We miss the kids and I know Mom has got to be exhausted but I’m really trying to focus on being here. Please take care of them for me. Pura Vida❤️



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