CANNABIS – An Answer, Part 2 – The Facts

Genesis 1:29 – Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”


I realize there seems to be something missing from the conversations that I have started. So, this will be the thread on which I will add research based studies, journals and articles based on medicine. I realize simple testimonies from real people like you and me isn’t enough for most.  So, for those of you who are like me here is a link to what The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has to say about “Medical Marijuana Use in Oncology.”

Below is an excerpt from the ONE page dedicated t0 medical marijuana.  In particular, the role that cannabis and it’s parts play in reduction of tumor size and growth.

There is evidence that suggests that cannabis may be used as a potential chemotherapeutic treatment. Endocannabinoid signaling is increased in some human tissue malignant neoplasms when compared with noncancerous tissue, especially in highly invasive cancers, suggesting that endocannabinoids may play a role in tumor growth.46 In vivo and in vitro research propose that cannabinoids can inhibit tumor growth via various mechanisms including increasing cellular apoptosis and suppressing cell proliferation.47,48Conflictingly, McKallip et al49 showed that THC may increase tumor growth due to reduced immune function. Cannabinoid receptors are widespread throughout the body and regulate a variety of physiological functions, including neuronal development and energy metabolism. Activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors leads to a cascade of cellular activity affecting ion channels, production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, and regulation of mitogen-activated protein kinase families involved with cellular signaling, proliferation, invasion, and adhesion.50 Cannabinoids may work to induce cancer cell death through cellular signaling pathways leading to apoptosis.40

And, sadly enough:

Finally, there has only been 1 clinical trial examining the effects of THC on cancer. Guzmán et al55 studied intracranial administration of THC to 9 patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme whose surgery and radiotherapy had failed. Treatment with THC decreased tumor growth and tumor progression, as assessed by magnetic resonance imaging and biomarker expression, in at least 2 of the 9 patients studied. The study is limited by the small sample size, lack of control group, and the study design’s inability to comment on the effects of THC on survival time.

Here’s the gist.  From a medical standpoint Cannabinoids, or the group of active compounds found in cannabis, might have tumor-reducing and apoptotic (causing cancer-cell death) qualities, but you got it.  They don’t know enough. Because there has been “ONE clinical trial examining the effects of THC on cancer.” ONE. That, my friends, is not enough.

By the way, we’re not talking about smoking weed, we are talking about taking medicine that exists in many different forms.

Here is another link to the medical journal entry in case you missed it above.


CANNABIS – An Answer


I asked for a real live answer.  Here it is.

So I’ve had a really rough couple of days.  I feel lost. I feel hurt. I feel angry. I feel tired. I feel like right now, as I write this my brain is the clearest it’s been in quite some time. What you’re about to see is the basic progression of my day, the first in the series is a video taken this morning – at my very near worst. Close, but not all the way. It gets worse, before it gets better, and it’s getting better. I can think now and I finally know what I need help. Well, I mean I’m getting “help.”  What I really mean is I need your HELP. If you are reading this, anywhere in the world, Iran, Morocco, The UK, Bolivia, India, Texas, Canada, West, East, North – I need you. There is really no reason why Trent and I legally do not have the right to TRY TO SAVE HIS LIFE. Here, in Texas, it is illegal in many many ways.  Here’s a link to a website, Norml, with all of the ways it is illegal in Texas, and what we face.  Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

  1. Watch the blog.
  2. Watch the videos as you read the blog.
  3. Think about what you’ve seen read.
  4. Watch and read a little bit more.
  5. Think. Again.
  6. Then, get back to me. Tell me what you think. How we can tackle this because they are doing it wrong.  They need to know they are wrong and what they can do to MAKE IT RIGHT.

Here goes. I was no where near being in a good place.  I left good place sometime yesterday.

And then I sent some lovely pictures of medicine as evidence of my pain to a few poor friends. I am so sorry guys. That’s not fair of me, and I’m sorry.

Then, in the depths, I turned on the television to this.  Please watch with an open mind.  Watch with us in mind.  The pills, the pain. And then think.  Seriously about what we can do.  How can you help us to help EVERYONE. How can we save Trent and so many more? This is Weedicate, a documentary-style show that airs on a new cable channel called Viceland.  The channel is interesting in itself, but in this case we are much more concerned with what’s happening on Weedicate, a show on which journalist Krishna Andavolu dedicates an hour a week to some aspect of the legalization of Cannabis in the United States from the perspective of real Americans.  The episode “Stoned Kids” in particular focuses on the treatment of cancer with Cannabis in children, but in this episode we also get a glimpse into the potential and essentially truth of cannabis as a CURE FOR CANCER. They say “for the treatment of some cancers” but we don’t know for sure yet because due to bureaucratic crap research is less than limited.  Who knows what cannabis can cure? NO ONE because we can’t even try to find out.  We are adding our names to the list of brave souls who understand that life is more important than law, in this case.  We believe in cannabis and my husband, and millions like him, deserve the right not only to try, but to LIVE! He deserves for medical professionals to have the right to have funded, legal research grants and support in the hunt for a cure!  He is an American Citizen essentially be held captive by his own country. He should not have to choose whether to die or go to jail when OPTIONS STILL EXIST BUT ARE NOT LEGAL. How can I, as his wife, watch my husband be taken from me slowly, and read day after day of the deaths of this friend’s son or that friend’s husband, or the death of my own friend?  I hope one day we will grasp how truly senseless these deaths should be, because we HAVE THE ANSWER.  I KNOW IT. We are so strong together. We are wicked smart. We can make people for goodness sakes. What sense does it make that we have the medical engineering technology to CREATE PEOPLE but not SAVE THE ONES THAT ARE ALREADY HERE. To save a life is to save a family. And I will not stand one more minute not doing everything in my God-given power to save my family.  To save my husband.  Will you help us?  We can’t do it alone, I know that. We need you.  I need you. I know that for someone of you will need to support us from afar – we understand and respect that. But those of you who can, and you hear me.  We can do it. We can get it done.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you, but this is where I need you right now. I have the need, and I have vision, but I want more vision and I need help with the execution. And I don’t do things small. Think BIG, even if we start little.  Think, mustard seed.

Ok, what can you bring to the table? Think about it from that angle. What are you good at? How do you see our story?  What is your story? How can we join our stories and make them work for us?  Because as much as this is about Trent, and our kids, and our family we have all been touched in a profound way by this disease. Let’s make our pain count for something. Let’s make it matter. I CANNOT WAIT to see what we come up with.


  1. Watch
  2. Think
  3. Watch Again
  4. Think again – How can I help?
  5. Let me know. Where? Here, comment on the blog. On Twitter, direct message me. On Instagram, direct message me. Or, weird, step back into the dark ages and send me an email –

Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the PROPER TIME we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (emphasis MINE, timing HIS)

Do Good Don’t Quit.

All my love,


I should remind you, I am letting you into our family’s inner and existential struggle.  Please be respectful.

A link to a case study done in Spain proving the effectiveness of cannabis in treating cancer patients.

A link to a website all things cannabis, including, well, more stuff we don’t know.

Cure Your Own Cancer is working to spread information about the healing power of cannabis.

Below, is the video featuring the man who brought this entire issue to light.

This is the longest video, but the one most worth watching.  Success after success story. I emplore you, please find the time to watch this video even if it’s just a bit at a time.





If there is one thing that Satan will use to hunt me down relentlessly its failure, and he is on me today. It usually begins with feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot, only to be followed by all that I have not done. The have-not-domes ring so loudly in my ear, like someone playing the piccolo at its most shrill until I’m beaten into submission and literally need my blankey. I did not get a 1st of school picture for Lily. I did not buy her new converse for her uniform – we washed the ones she already had – correction, she washed them. I did not buy two of the same toy this morning at Target while getting things for Sabrinna’s apartment resulting in World War III between Irish twins. I was reminded of this when I took said toys out and play commenced. Coley lost an entire shoe at that store this morning as well. I did not make it to Roly Pollies to pick up my Yeti cup that all the young flippers are coveting that I left there 3 weeks ago. I did not get Lily’s physical done and we will have to do it this afternoon after she gets out of school, which only increases her anxiety…because of me. I did not take my vitamin. I did not eat breakfast. I did not. I am not. I am not a teacher anymore. I am not going to work trade today because I need a break. I might not go to yoga tonight for the same reason. I am. I am sick. I am sad. I am sad because my life is no longer like everyone else’s. I am unsure of what the next few minutes will hold for us. I am tired. I am tired of feeling alone in this, knowing that loved ones try to understand, but do not. I am tired of holding things together. I am tired of being the go-between. I am tired of putting myself last and not realizing that I am doing that. I am tired of having to make really really hard decisions that no one I know is having to make. I am tired of seeing my husband change. I am tired of seeing my husband, my children and our parents in pain. I am going to hug my soft brown blankey and hope nothing goes terribly awry as I rest and hope for better days tomorrow. I know that God is in control. Please, I don’t need that reminder. I am faithful. I am also tired. 

So, I’ll say this – Satan, you can suck it. Even acknowledging you is giving you way too much credit. 

Thank you, Lord, for today, even though it sucks, I will be glad in it. I was able to provide for my babies, though many cannot. I was able to kiss my husband this morning, though many cannot. I was able to put in dry, clean clothes this morning, though many cannot. I CAN eat, though I did not. I know you, Lord, though many do not.  Although my heart is sad, it is also grateful. Thank you. 

From The Love of My Life On the Anniversary of His Death:

A little dramatic, maybe. But for us so much in our lives died that day. Those deaths, both large and small, have had an enormous impact on the family as a whole, on us as individuals and on all those that come into contact with us. We are different. We’ll never be the same. Please don’t ask us to be. I thought it heartbreaking at the time – Trent’s birthday being so close to his near-death-day, but now, it’s fitting. He is born…again. It ain’t been easy y’all. A very wise person once said, “It ain’t all beers and brats (as in bratwurst).” But goodness, there is so much good happening in the midst of this. I know you feel it. I love my husband now more than I have before and more than I could have imagined. And I’m so blessed to celebrate both of his birthdays’ WITH HIM. ❤️


From Trent: So today is the day. Today is 2 years since my bad accident. 2 years since I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer metastatic synovial sarcoma blah, blah, blah. It was like a blurry whirl wind. We had our hands up, wind and dirt were swirling and hitting us in the face and we were nearly blinded by all that was being thrown at us. But something else happened…

Adrienne and I were blessed to have been exposed to the types of things we were exposed to in life. My survival skills I acquired while living in one of God’s greatest and harshest country, Steamboat Springs, helped me stay calm and take positive action to save my own life. Our time in veterinary clinics, as very skilled technicians, not only helped me go into triage mode but gave us the ability to understand the flood of medical jargon we were exposed to. We had an understanding of medical terms and procedure and we had been exposed to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, for animals, so we have a level of understanding for that too. Our lives, in Faith, helped us grieve and feel sorrow but we are stronger with our Faith and the Shield of God protects us from evil. This list like this goes on and on but I think I made my point. And, if you’re still reading, thank you, I’m just trying to say that as horrible of a thing this, this…whatever you call this, I know now more than ever how special I am and how important my life is. I am beyond grateful to everyone in my life that has helped me be who I am today. Thank you for all the positive energy and good thoughts. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. #nobodyfightsalone. All the support has made this journey manageable…tolerable at best. 

Special thanks you to all our close friends and family that have gone above and beyond their call to duty without hesitations, batting an eye, or looking back. Thank you.

Super special thanks to Adrienne, my wife, for being so forgiving and patient. So supportive and absorbent. You are a strong and amazing woman and I can’t imagine riding this ride with anyone else. Through sickness and health you are by my side and I by yours. I love you so very much. Thank you for my family.

I post now thinking about how Facebook will possibly show me this post again. I can’t wait to see it as a reminder of happening years ago.

Self, you are doing a great job. Don’t give up or give in. Do good and don’t ever quit. #dogooddontquit. Let go and let God. Because of God’s Word you are an overcomer. You overcome the world, the flesh, and evil with the power that you hold with the Spirit of Christ. You are healed in Jesus’ name. The spirit that rose Jesus from the grave lives in you. I demand that every cell in my body be empowered by the Word of God and cleanses my body of all bad things. Tumors and growths are a thing of the past. 

Heavenly Father I give voice to your Word, the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus makes me free from the law of sin and death. And your Life is energizing every cell of my body. (Rom 8:12) 

Sickness, you must FLEE! Tumors can’t exist in me, for the Spirit of God is upon me and the Word of God is within me. Sickness, fear, and oppression have no power over me for God’s Word is my confession. (Mark 11:23)

Father, I make a demand on my bones to make perfect marrow. I make a demand on the marrow to produce perfect blood that will ward of sickness and disease. My bones refuse any offense of the curse. I make a demand on my joints to function perfectly. There will be no pain or swelling in my joints. My joints refuse to allow anything that will hurt or destroy their normal function.

Body, I speak the Word of Faith to you. I demand that every organ perform a perfect work, for you are the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT; therefore, I charge you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of His Holy Word to be healed and made whole in Jesus’ name. 

I will not die but live and declare the works of God. Lord, you have blessed me and my food and water and have taken sickness away from me. Therefore I will fulfill the number of my days in health.

Here’s to many more years to come. Thickness and thin. Ups and downs. We are GP7 and we’re here to stay. My birthday is Saturday and, praise God, I’ll be 36. I look forward to living my life for God and being the best man I can and always strive to be better and wiser.