CANNABIS – An Answer


I asked for a real live answer.  Here it is.

So I’ve had a really rough couple of days.  I feel lost. I feel hurt. I feel angry. I feel tired. I feel like right now, as I write this my brain is the clearest it’s been in quite some time. What you’re about to see is the basic progression of my day, the first in the series is a video taken this morning – at my very near worst. Close, but not all the way. It gets worse, before it gets better, and it’s getting better. I can think now and I finally know what I need help. Well, I mean I’m getting “help.”  What I really mean is I need your HELP. If you are reading this, anywhere in the world, Iran, Morocco, The UK, Bolivia, India, Texas, Canada, West, East, North – I need you. There is really no reason why Trent and I legally do not have the right to TRY TO SAVE HIS LIFE. Here, in Texas, it is illegal in many many ways.  Here’s a link to a website, Norml, with all of the ways it is illegal in Texas, and what we face.  Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

  1. Watch the blog.
  2. Watch the videos as you read the blog.
  3. Think about what you’ve seen read.
  4. Watch and read a little bit more.
  5. Think. Again.
  6. Then, get back to me. Tell me what you think. How we can tackle this because they are doing it wrong.  They need to know they are wrong and what they can do to MAKE IT RIGHT.

Here goes. I was no where near being in a good place.  I left good place sometime yesterday.

And then I sent some lovely pictures of medicine as evidence of my pain to a few poor friends. I am so sorry guys. That’s not fair of me, and I’m sorry.

Then, in the depths, I turned on the television to this.  Please watch with an open mind.  Watch with us in mind.  The pills, the pain. And then think.  Seriously about what we can do.  How can you help us to help EVERYONE. How can we save Trent and so many more? This is Weedicate, a documentary-style show that airs on a new cable channel called Viceland.  The channel is interesting in itself, but in this case we are much more concerned with what’s happening on Weedicate, a show on which journalist Krishna Andavolu dedicates an hour a week to some aspect of the legalization of Cannabis in the United States from the perspective of real Americans.  The episode “Stoned Kids” in particular focuses on the treatment of cancer with Cannabis in children, but in this episode we also get a glimpse into the potential and essentially truth of cannabis as a CURE FOR CANCER. They say “for the treatment of some cancers” but we don’t know for sure yet because due to bureaucratic crap research is less than limited.  Who knows what cannabis can cure? NO ONE because we can’t even try to find out.  We are adding our names to the list of brave souls who understand that life is more important than law, in this case.  We believe in cannabis and my husband, and millions like him, deserve the right not only to try, but to LIVE! He deserves for medical professionals to have the right to have funded, legal research grants and support in the hunt for a cure!  He is an American Citizen essentially be held captive by his own country. He should not have to choose whether to die or go to jail when OPTIONS STILL EXIST BUT ARE NOT LEGAL. How can I, as his wife, watch my husband be taken from me slowly, and read day after day of the deaths of this friend’s son or that friend’s husband, or the death of my own friend?  I hope one day we will grasp how truly senseless these deaths should be, because we HAVE THE ANSWER.  I KNOW IT. We are so strong together. We are wicked smart. We can make people for goodness sakes. What sense does it make that we have the medical engineering technology to CREATE PEOPLE but not SAVE THE ONES THAT ARE ALREADY HERE. To save a life is to save a family. And I will not stand one more minute not doing everything in my God-given power to save my family.  To save my husband.  Will you help us?  We can’t do it alone, I know that. We need you.  I need you. I know that for someone of you will need to support us from afar – we understand and respect that. But those of you who can, and you hear me.  We can do it. We can get it done.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you, but this is where I need you right now. I have the need, and I have vision, but I want more vision and I need help with the execution. And I don’t do things small. Think BIG, even if we start little.  Think, mustard seed.

Ok, what can you bring to the table? Think about it from that angle. What are you good at? How do you see our story?  What is your story? How can we join our stories and make them work for us?  Because as much as this is about Trent, and our kids, and our family we have all been touched in a profound way by this disease. Let’s make our pain count for something. Let’s make it matter. I CANNOT WAIT to see what we come up with.


  1. Watch
  2. Think
  3. Watch Again
  4. Think again – How can I help?
  5. Let me know. Where? Here, comment on the blog. On Twitter, direct message me. On Instagram, direct message me. Or, weird, step back into the dark ages and send me an email –

Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the PROPER TIME we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (emphasis MINE, timing HIS)

Do Good Don’t Quit.

All my love,


I should remind you, I am letting you into our family’s inner and existential struggle.  Please be respectful.

A link to a case study done in Spain proving the effectiveness of cannabis in treating cancer patients.

A link to a website all things cannabis, including, well, more stuff we don’t know.

Cure Your Own Cancer is working to spread information about the healing power of cannabis.

Below, is the video featuring the man who brought this entire issue to light.

This is the longest video, but the one most worth watching.  Success after success story. I emplore you, please find the time to watch this video even if it’s just a bit at a time.





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