We are in the hospital. My brain is fried and occupied.  Trent is tired, in pain and sad. We’ve seen better days, pneumonia is our unexpected guest. I’ll let Trent’s mother Lynn tell it. 

Mom just wants to take it easy with the boys today, but we’ll need you soon. We’re working on getting Lily squared away too. Tomorrow should be a better day for planning attack.

So many of you have stood in faith with me, praying for my son, Trent Gibson and our DIL Adrienne Ringer-Gibson. And I thank you. Something is happening: He has had a lot of pain from the tumors pressing against and eating through his ribs, yesterday he started having Fever. Never a good thing. ER visit last night got him admitted and they are trying to help with pain but not having a lot of luck, today they are talking about withdrawing fluid in lungs. He’s on two antibiotics, IV, and pain management by IV also. He needs our Prayers. She needs our Prayers. The Medical staff need our prayers and the Oncologist need our prayers. Thank you all for praying!!!


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