3 thoughts on “November 10

  1. Linda Jefferson Hopson says:

    You never have to apologize for not having the time to post–we know you have priorities and they are the most important things we want you to be taking care of!Love to you both. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you.


  2. Laura Sanders says:

    We love you, Trent. May God ease your pain.
    On checking with someone before either phoning Trent’s room, or visiting him there: Old but good advice is to call the hospital and ask for the nurse’s station on the patient’s floor. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s wise to call or visit. That way Adrienne or Trent can communicate their wishes to the nursing staff, and the nurses’ station can pass that on to callers. If you go by the hospital without calling first, stop by the nurses’ station on Trent’s floor to ask if visitors are allowed before heading to the room – it’s just courtesy toward’s the patient and his immediate family. It’s also courteous to keep your visit to 15 minutes or less. You may think your visit won’t tire anyone out, and it may not – but it’s your visit on top of all the OTHER visits that can lead to cumulative tiredness, especially for someone whose body is tired already. Please remember that the nursing staff is forbidden by law from giving anyone without the proper code a medical status report – it’s a violation of HIPAA.

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