From Trent…

Looks who’s getting their write-on. I think we’ll start to hear more and more from him personally, which I love. It’s not an easy thing to do, this “sharing” business, thinking about your own mortality, but it’s so helpful when we think big picture. Peripheral ❤

Good morning everyone. I had a good night of rest. Mostly pain free. Getting into comfortable positions is when I experience the most pain in my lumbar region. I am always hurting somewhere but lately, mostly in the hip/pelvic muscular areas when up moving around. I have a walker, which is mind-blowing in itself, but it helps control muscle fatigue and burning from just walking across the house. I have oxygen for assistance. I’ve had these things for a few months now I just started having a lot of pain that the doctors couldn’t successfully adjust for my comfort and support hence the recent stay in hospice. My cancer is progressing. We will know more when we get these scans done but I have a road to recovery that has to be necessarily slow and painstaking so I don’t over do it and then have to start at the bottom again back in hospice. Which, is exhausting in itself. 

For some clarification if you don’t have the time to research anything you don’t know or understand. 

When I talk about the cancer progressing I am not talking about more tumors growing or metastatic changes (which means spreading of the disease) nor am I saying those things aren’t happening. What I’m referring to is the deterioration of the healthy tissues in my body. Like fat, muscle, bone density, and organ function all are depleted by the cancer and at an increased rate than if I was disease free. If your inactive and live a normal life you won’t be very healthy, insert a nasty illness like a rare Sarcoma and inactivity, necessary and demanded for healthy recovery, just wipes your body out. I was riding bikes and could physically do almost anything still only a few weeks ago and now I can hard stand or sit. I get bursts in the day, when all the meds are working, and I can walk unassisted but otherwise I’m a 36 year old man in a 100 year old body. It’s frustrating and embarrassing and unbelievably annoying.

On positive notes though. I am optimistic, always, trust me “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear”. I have the best support team. Every single person involved in our lives cares so much for me and my family. We embrace the suck and we move on. Thanks to all the love, dedication, and hard work I have comforts in my life that make it easier to fight every singe day to get up and keep breathing. And to be so much more thankful for my opportunities and a chance to live and not having just died in a bad car wreck almost 3 years ago. God provided this blessing and I just want to pay it forward as much as possible. 

Remember to be grateful. It’s good for you and can make you feel better. Today I am grateful for all of you. 

Have a fantastic Wednesday. God is great. Love your neighbor despite your differences and more so because of them. 

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