A Letter to Me

Stay focused, Adrienne. Keep putting in the work, Adrienne. It’s worth it. They’re worth it. You’re worth it. Don’t do the things to yourself that you know will hurt you. Stop it. You deserve better. You have so much to give, get it together so that you can give it all. That’s your purpose. To teach, to love. That’s it. Keep growing into those things because YOU LOVE IT. You love people. Don’t stop loving people, even when you think they suck. (Probably a 1/6 collapse😏) Remember, you can love them from afar. Poor into your babies. Keep being honest with them. Let them feel what they feel and encourage others to let them do the same, for now. Be consistent. Be quiet. Be calm. And just keep breathing. All the way through it all. Keep breathing. Rest. Please rest. Let IT use you. All of you. Be open – ish. Measure that shit, but not too much. Balance. Bridge it. Not just the parts you’re comfortable with. All of you. Not just the pretty parts, or the cute parts. The dark. The lonely. Remember Te Fiti. The light and the dark. The feminine and the masculine. You need them both. Keep using them both. Let them join and fire that shit up!Don’t hold back one bit. Continue to be honest, in love. Keep growing. Keep growing. It doesn’t matter how big you get. They need you. It’s ok to slip. It’s even ok to fall. That’s how you learn. Just take what you need and leave the rest. This is faith. ELI everything. And for God’s sake, keep writing. Exhale the shit. Inhale the lit. Stay grounded and the rest will come. God provides – the Dude abides. CREATE. Everyday. Make something happen, in you. Around you. Everyday. This is Faith. Love. Stay grateful. Stay thankful. You know who you are. 


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