Nope – This Isn’t About Cancer…Or Is It?

The harder they come for me – the more truth you know exists in these words.

As you begin to wake to the reality of what an entire culture has known inherently since the beginning of humanity, I can offer this. Black people have been on the front lines, bridging the gap, holding space in an unspeakable war for centuries. We stand in the gap again for all, in places where many have not had the strength to stand. That’s how I know we are true Kings and Queens. And while it isn’t about color – the suppression of our true heritage, our true identity, how we truly walked this Earth is THE HOLY KEY.

White people are not the enemy. They just aren’t. So stop. I know. There are a lot of reasons. But they aren’t the enemy so leave that tired rhetoric behind and don’t fall victim to it any longer. STAND UP ON YOUR OWN TWO. No human should ever bow to another human. Or anticipate any hand out. We are all powerful beyond measure. So stop. White people don’t owe us anything. We gave our power away. It was systemic, systematic and there was a grand plot and there still is. We need to own that and keep moving. Here’s the tricky part, it wasn’t a plot aimed solely at blacks, but against all of humanity. That bit about separation, division. Ooowee that’s a powerful weapon. We believed the lie that we were weak – less than. We are not. Never were.

Once we and I’ll say it, BLACK PEOPLE, truly wake to the ultimate manipulation – it’s game over for these clowns. And it’s not about separation, it’s about waking to join in UNION against the only true war there is. GOOD vs. EVIL. That’s it.

EVERYBODY – STAY WOKE. STOP LOOKING TO CELEBRITIES FOR GUIDANCE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. Using their social platforms to further their agenda and stay in their lofty towers is all they are interested in. Do you have any idea how many of our poverty issues (AND WE HAVE A HUGE ISSUE) would be solved if a portion of Hollywood elite would ACTUALLY contribute a fraction to of their wealth to ANY WORTHWHILE CAUSE. We have an educational crisis on our hands. We have an educational crisis on our hands. WE HAVE AN ACTUAL EDUCATIONAL CRISIS ON OUR HANDS. Teachers can barely feed themselves and I speak to this first hand. So guess what, we lose good teachers. This isn’t by accident. THIS IS BY DESIGN. Ask your teenager about the state of the high school classroom. Unless you are in an AP program – designed to route your child straight to sheep school – they are in the classroom being babysat. And it’s not the teacher’s fault. This is by design. One of the biggest mistakes we ever made in education was allowing cell phones into the classroom. My own child calls me, from class, a few times a week and her teacher has no idea. Not a clue. WHAT ARE WE DOING? And you know what’s the ultimate insult – celebrities pandering for votes for 3 weeks out of an election cycle and we do what they ask…and then WE GIVE THEM MORE MONEY, and then they return back to their opal kingdoms on high, using our backs as the steps. How much did you pay for your last Beyoncé ticket? Did she truly change your life? Did she put food in your refrigerator, gas in your car for you to go to work to feed the children who you send to school to be BABYSAT? Come on now. Oprah’s net worth – 2.8 BILLION DOLLARS – BTW I Googled that figure, so you know it’s wrong. She’s American. But is building schools in Africa. Awesome, but why there? Why not here? She wants to help black kids, we have plenty living here that need. They just need. Period. HER SHOW WAS BASED IN CHICAGO. Last weekend, in Chicago, under the ever watchful eye of Rahm Emanuel 43 people were shot THIS PAST WEEKEND. 5 dead. But schools in Africa…Aight, I see you, O. As in zero as in how much you care about the people here, essentially down the street from you and Hussein’s Library. I don’t understand why “we, the people of these United States, in order to form a more perfect union” do not demand patriotism from our leadership. Oh wait, that’s right. She used to give away cool, free shit. We’ll give her a pass. Racism racism racism, but the most wweeeaaaaallllthhhyyy, not rich, fuck rich, but Weeallllttthhhyy, successful people in this country, are Black. Name ’em. In your head, they’re beautiful smiles are flashing in your minds-eye. I know it’s true. You know who they are. You watch their movies, listen to their music, wear they’re incredibly exorbitantly priced athletic shoes and watch their TV shows every Wednesday with wine without thought of the color of their skin…but this country is racist. GTFO. Look, I was guilty of the same – but when we know better – we should absolutely, unequivocally, do better. And I’m also not saying that racism doesn’t exist, it does. You, I, we – the regular people are not the racists. Never forget the inversion and distortion of the truth. What a cruel twist of the knife.

***And a side-note about good ol’ Barry. Those were his constituents. He ran on the backs of those people and they saw a rise in gun violence under his administration like we had never seen in this country. Full stop. Forget the words, watch the deeds. He broke my heart – but it speaks to the larger issue of putting our faith in man. We have only one true savior and he’s moving through US, right now. He IS Back. Christ Consciousness is real. Stop waiting for Him to return when he is here, right now, among the living – timestamp 3:33am. Interesting juxtaposition of those two subjects Hussein and Jesus – please draw your own parallels. Running on a platform of hope – what an asshole.

Back to the revolution, which will not be televised….Our education system is SHIT. And the worst – the worst are the ones who don’t say anything. Who are above activism of any kind. The lukewarm – the silent. Disgusting, unspeakable levels of greed. At least the panderers are working for their little handout from the Committee. It’s the lukewarm, stay steady promoting their brands whom are the worst of us because they actually believe THEY ARE BETTER THAN YOU AND I. Stoppppp it. Gross. But we stay giving them our everything in worship and adoration. You want to talk about energy as currency? Phew. We fuel their everything and are left with a 2 hour high. Oh wait, the opioid addition – that. How many pill viles fill your medicine cabinet right now? How many? You have a pill to counteract the affects of another pill – I know it. WAKE UP. GET UP. EAT RIGHT. Take care of yourself. Don’t drink the water. Fluoride is poison. THEY actively poison the water. You think FLINT was an isolated incident? At the very least, they are poisoning the people of our country via our essential water supply…at the very least our country. The water issue is very likely an actual global epidemic. WAKE UP. Please. I can’t be silent anymore, but I/WE NEED YOUR HELP. They divide and conquer. Did you ever stop to think why we are so obsessed will categorizing and labeling in this country? I say this country because America is where I lay my head, I know and am invested in this country and I see that the labels here don’t create opportunity and recognition – being seen. I SEE YOU. I can’t not see you. I have eyes and I’m black and a woman and American and maybe human. I circle back to that because of the inversion of the idea of divide and conquer. We are being divided and conquered, but if we are able to flip that device back on them in A. Somewhat inherent ability to communicate within our societal subgroups, bringing information and truth in a format that is effective due to familiarity, holding on to the idea of parts of the whole, instead of parts of the parts of the parts of the parts of the parts WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE. People are inherent good, once we get out of our own way and just be people. I see it everyday. I experience it everyday, here – with you. Stop being afraid to speak up and say that something is wrong. This tolerance bullshit is a slippery ass slope. And will be our ultimate downfall. Shit, we just about at the bottom now. That level is evil is seeping and creeping, like the mystery cloud I saw moving through the streets of DC the night before Halloween. Man, y’all might as well say goodbye to my account again. and I realize this is rambling, it’s 2:12 – the boiling point of water. Fitting. God is dope. And I have had enough. I saw some things earlier tonight about our chosen leaders that I know in my heart of hearts to be true and I was broken. Absolutely and utterly broken. Pure, unmitigated, evil atrocities are being committed by people who we trust against the least of us, those without a voice. Our children. Our children. Because I see no separation between babies. Our children. Do you remember the kidnapping epidemic we suffered in the 80s – children going missing from national parks and from bus stops and from their own front yards? Yeah, look into that – but I’ll warn you, it gets horrible and fast. Look into “Planned Parenthood.” Look into it’s founder Madeline Stanger. Look into where you can find a Planned Parenthood. Scratch a lie, catch a thief – but they are stealing something so essential to our survival – our morality – 2:22am.

They will call me crazy and that’s fine. Some of you will call me crazy and that’s fine. They are going to come for me and even that’s fine. Those of you who truly know me, know my heart and it’s for people. Two things, well 3, I want to close with. A quote, a Bible verse and a declaration.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do NOTHING.”

I would never tell you who to vote for in this or any election. I believe it is a very personal choice that should be founded in research and information. And the information and research that I have been compiling for a while, since around 1996 is this – if you vote for anyone remotely associated with Hillary Rodham Clinton or William Jefferson Clinton, you are actually siding with evil. Truly.

Lastly – and I am forever grateful to the lovely soul who told me this was my verse, because it absolutely is, it belongs to us all – especially now. “Do not grow weary in doing good. For we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Also, last thing – Don Lemon is a race-bating traitor to humanity and what he is currently perpetrating against people is no better than Jesse Jackson or that fool Al Sharpton. No, mf, I will not stay in the house with you. Mark the mf tape. But I’ll be here when you ask for redemption.

Put your phone down. Hug your babies. Tell and show them they are valuable beyond measure. Please, get outside. Take your shoes off and feel the Earth beneath them. Gaze in wonder at the sky. Let the Sun warm your skin. Speak to God in private. Speak to God in public. AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, SING. I love you. Always will. Use logic and reason. Do good and don’t you ever quit.

I think this entire was piece was written in an effort to convince MYSELF to vote. God, again, is funny.

One. 💜


4 thoughts on “Nope – This Isn’t About Cancer…Or Is It?

  1. Laura Correa says:

    I have always admired your strength and the way you think. You look fantastic, by the way. I read all of your blog posts, always hoping Your husband would beat that dang cancer. The love y’all shared was inspirational to me. Looking forward to reading your next words of wisdom.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Right on, Adrienne! I am frustrated as fuck with what is happening in the world and cannot even begin to understand it from your point of view. But, I trust your point of view and support you in your fight against evil. Hugs, friend. I think of you and your’s often.



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