Ohhh where to even begin. I’m still processing the implications of today. To be deleted from Facebook for a reason that has yet to be identified is up there in regards to it being hands down one of the strangest experiences of my life. Truly weird. And when I say deleted I mean it. There is no evidence that I ever even existed in that virtual world. No page. No comments. Nothing I’ve been tagged in. No remnants of groups I’ve created or participated in. No messages. No videos. No photos. And when I tell you not one, I mean not one. They, whoever they is, can actually make you literally virtually disappear. I am a relatively well-adjusted person given my particular set of circumstances – I do work through social media so the loss there is problematic. But beyond that I will recover from what has been lost. I’m resilient, creative, faithful and connected. I am in the midst of creating beautifully connected things in my life – truly the life of my dreams and in so many ways social media is in the way of that. Like so many, I’ve created a life around it – earning money, teaching, exploring and connecting so many parts of myself there. Plugged in. I think I came to a very real and stark conclusion today. Exiting the Matrix is actually pulling the plug on our grandest addiction.

I was riding this particular train of thought some time ago. I withdrew from a mission-related project that is very important on many levels because I was affected. Nae, INFECTED. And once I made the decision to drop out of that work that centered around the gathering and sharing of information through social media I nearly instantly felt…free. Alas, instead of giving voice to my theory, I quietly went about building boundaries around my time in relation to my work and never shared my thoughts completely – because the conclusion to my theory wasn’t truly complete until today.

I think my explanation of this may take some time – potentially over a few posts…I’m tired after today, sorting through the massive experiential download I had and taking in the early affects on the shift in my life. And frankly, books and encyclopedias of books only related to this topic could and should be written – and every single one of them should be honest, but scathingly critical. The monster that controls Mark Zuckerberg generated an imaginary world bomb that was dropped on our psyches and we are collectively infected and extraction of the shrapnel will be precarious at best. Our ascension and freedom is tied to our ability to disconnect ourselves from social media. Our collective energy is existing in perfect symbiotic dysfunction with artificial intelligence through the use of social media. It is our most toxic relationship. We find ways to satisfy our shared emotional imbalances multiple times a day – handing over…everything. We are playing a very dangerous game with a very powerful invisible enemy. Mass extraction of ourselves from the ghost in the machine will be incredibly painful for so many, but it is necessary. Continuing to build into our own internet infrastructure is crucial and a workable replacement should happen very very very soon because exiting stage left from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any other Zuckerberg project is essential to any advancement we’re hoping to make and any freedom we are hoping to gain..

We need a plan. The network of mission-oriented individuals we’ve created is incredible and our connection is very real, but we will never make any headway in this war – and it is war – if we continue to give all of our battle plans away to the enemy, multiple times a day.

Unplugged. Welcome to the next phase of ascension.


You can catch me here from now on so feel free to leave a comment and if you feel this resonates, share it. I love you.


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