Neon Life

I get messages, a lot – and the important ones are in neon. No shit, true story – neon lights. Our shared love of neon aesthetic is one way I knew my relationship with Biz would be one of the most important in my life. Trent and I hadn’t even committed to each other when I dreamt of 18 month old Gavin Beau with his name in lights hung over his head. The night Trent had his accident I saw “He won’t make it” on the wall behind his hospital bed. When I met Jon I dreamt of 2 large square buttons, one black one white, on a wall next to me at a music venue while he was on stage performing, the words “activate him” blinking on and off as he was frozen in time, bent over the mic Elvis-style – mouth wide open. And then I get heart messages – some i hold very close to the chest. Like the one I got shortly before Trent passed away (4 years ago) that told me religion wasn’t real and I needed to get ready to bring the real Heart-Song through, regardless of what we’d been conditioned to believe and regardless of what anyone might say. Whoosh.

Today I was told several things. No neon – it’s like that was a familiarizing precursor to the real juice as I began to tune back into PrimeLove. The most significant of the messages today was this…I get my family back – both in this and our ascended dimensions. I wish I could convey to you what this means to my heart. I have longed for this and you are trickling in now. I see you and feel you. And when I say I see you, I see you. Who you really are. I’m here to reintroduce you to our Father and Mother who never left you – even though it feels like they did. There was A LOT happening, but we were not forgotten and always loved – as we ARE Love. Today I was told to remind you that I’m here. Remember. I love you. You’ll know what to do from here. We have work to do and The Spiritualish Collective exists so that we can do that – live, together in living, transitional, 5th dimensional, beautifully rich neon color.


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