Malcolm X + Media

Malcolm X 1964

Malcolm X on Front Page Challenge, 1965: CBC Archives – click to watch.

I am continually fascinated by the ways in which we are and have been continuously misled. In listening to Malcolm X this morning discuss the issues that we are currently experiencing right now as a world culture some 55 years later I am moved and encouraged. Encouraged because opportunity exists for all of us to think critically and carefully, without loss of compassion, in regards to leadership and their discussion around subjects as profound as racism and cultural separatism.

In my childhood there was a picture of Malcolm X painted for me in which he was the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr. and his ideas were dangerous – He was hateful towards white people and should not have been trusted – his assassination a righteous one. As a black child I was to choose between the two because their beliefs and approaches to human rights differed so much there was no room for both in my own system of beliefs. In reality, they were friends and their approaches to shattering the status quo differed mainly in personality, not core beliefs.

I challenge us all to go to the source regarding societal leaders – personally observing their bodies of work and the fruit they produced versus gleaning information from meme clips and edited sound bites. Watch full speeches not distributed from mainstream media outlets. Search your own heart for the truth in the messages that are shared. Listen to the stories of those directly impacted by the leaders in question.

Do you know what the truth feels like in your body? The Truth resonates the vibration of deep memory. The Truth is not new, but very old and our God-given right, planted firmly within our cellular bodies. Recognition of the Truth alters your DNA structure and cannot be forgotten or ignored. We feel the Truth as it is revealed to us, but it is us to take the first steps towards revelation with an open heart.

And we must not be afraid to change our minds – about anything or anybody.



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