Especially one who loves herself + You enough to walk away from you so that you can heal yourself, understanding that you will only learn through you loving you first and not looking to her to hold your healing for you. You hold it. That is Love. And dammit, Woman – let him BE a man. YOU are not a MAN. He is, so let HIM be that. You don’t know how. Get busy learning how to BE a woman – we have enough on our plates remembering how to do this. When we remember we can come fully into Union, but this must come from with in yourself first, which is at it’s purest and most necessary Union with Prime Creator God I Am within You. Once you are there, and he is there – whomever he is – the perfected, unbreakable, mission-bound Trinity is formed. Triumphant triangles abound. But, sister, infinite integrity in all ways comes first. Drop out what could be and embrace what IS.
Diamond Crystal Rose Gold Queen of All That Is, it is within You. 🌹

– A
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