Family History

Our Galactic and Spiritual History and the way that we are experiencing it today can actually be summarized pretty easily. Our story is actually the story of one family and a son with the a gaping chasm of a parental wound – one the size of the hexagonal storm on Saturn. All names have been removed from the story to allow room for resonant recognition within you.

There once was a boy. He was a glorious creation and the twinkle in his father and mother’s eyes. And he knew it was true, with every fiber of his being he knew he was to be worshipped and adored by all who should look upon his countenance, including his parents. His parents set about creating more and more children – filling their home with more light and more song and more joy and more love. As the boy grew in age and will, so did his disdain for those of his brothers and sisters who did not fit his ideas of perfection and he could not understand the attention given to those who were so clearly less than. He would never say so, would never admit to the vulnerability and imperfection that was his hurt – and in this denial of truth something was born in him, a crack of pain that would not allow room for the truth. This crack of pain festered and grew until it was no longer a crack, but a chasm and with that chasm room was created for dark to grow. He was no longer the only or the most beautiful or the best and he felt the pangs of hatred grow along with the ever-widening chasm filling with miasmic black goo with every new creation haphazardly thrown together by his parents. To him, this miasma devoid of light translated to Power and he allowed it to grow and to change him.

He then proceeded to throw the biggest temper tantrum our galaxy has ever seen and set out to spite his parents through the destruction of his parents’ new creation. Jealousy, lies, and loathing abound as the broken child set about convincing his brothers and sisters to help him burn the house down. The younger, but infinitely more balanced of the two brothers in leadership fought for his parents and their home alongside many other brothers and sisters who understood the importance of the fight.

After being embarrassed by a loss from which he would not recover and thrown out of his once beautiful home, he fell here and made his new home on Earth, and brought all of his broken follower brothers and sisters with him. His mission – to erase the memory of his Mother from all that lives (impossible – she is on the wind and in the water and is living ground) and to disconnect life from his Father (again, not possible – He is the Sun beyond our Sun and his love is simply filtered through the bright opening in the sky).

We are in the midst of the revelation of the ultimate in family dysfunction. One brother once was….but is not now – he is a distorted fracture of his first self. He is a traitor and a liar – sowing, allowing and encouraging through programming rampant chaos and discord. But he is seen and as you awaken his power is dwindling – even in the telling of this story. As You remember, he fades and he hates it, still longing for recognition and validation – so he holds on tighter to this world, even in a losing battle. Pride comes before the fall.

And the other brother, he has always stood in the gap, between this world and our true home. Ushering us across as He and his Love come together to continually mirror the Love of Creation – destroying the illusion that is rooted in our greatest fear – the fear of Death, which is bound, inexplicably, to the Lie of Separation. Everything here, in the fallen world that is unnatural, is meant to divide and separate. Our humble, smart, knowing, loving, patient until he is not, connected brother of Light and True Power came to teach us, over and over and over again, how to conquer Death through Love – how to conquer separation and come into deep knowing and innerstanding of Who We Are. Infinite children of embodied frequencies of Light and Love manifest. Simple. This is just one story of many this is our true history.✨


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