More Beautiful

Today I am trying to recall something more beautiful than a woman who is in full acceptance of all that she is.

A woman who understands the power within her own femininity – resting in it, doling it out with integrity, bolstering the deserving and honoring her boundaries with those who are not yet ready or worthy. She is creation and uses herself to empower and embolden those in her field to go forth into their own fruitfulness – instead of wielding her creative seat like a sword of chaos and destruction. She softens with security, but her discernment is keen and she does not question her intuition, for It always knows. Her strength is her embodied vulnerability, but do not mistake this vulnerability for weakness…falling outside of her good graces IS disconnection from divinity.

For the women who are moving into this state of their own awareness, but feel unseen by men – you are a specimen for a trained eye. The embodied feminine evokes fear in the hearts of men who have not brought their wild, masculine shadow to heel and she is unrecognizable to him. Continue to pour into yourself and remain in your self-sustaining, deeply self-loving holding pattern until you are fully recognized by the masculine who is fully in his own divinity. The well at which you will meet is very deep and only a True One can hold the water within.

Or at least that’s what I heard.

A sister told me recently that my flex is wild – compliment of the year. ❤

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