What Do You WANT?

Naaahhh, but like, for real though…what do you want?

Remove, set aside, block, throw out the window – the energy that says you can’t, or you don’t deserve or it isn’t possible…just put it over there (literally picture yourself setting it over on the stool in the corner) for 5 minutes and allow the deepest desires of your heart to surface, embracing without judgement. Look at it, all of it.

What do you want?

When you sit and see your dream-life moving and playing out in front of you – what do you see?? How does it feel, in your body – and where? Your belly, throat, sacral – heart. Feel with all of you and then write it down. Address it with the same, but pure, reverence you address the darkness in your life. Fall in love with the possibilities. Just like you do with your anxiety – but imagine it all going right.

Then, write it down.

Write down all the ways that you feel supported and seen and clearly understood and loved in every aspect of your forming life.

Phil Good said the other day, and I think it’s true – there is a vibrational match in another soul that desires the same things, and this is how we identify and draw to each other in an effort to create more love – but you’ve got to be present in your life and in your vibrational frequency (how often something is felt – not just numbers on a weird graph) in order to find and be recognized by Thing and vice versa. And you know what it all comes down to?

Being yourself.

That’s all. Work to embody the you that existed prior to the lies. The truest you. Because…we are all expressions of the Universe, or God – in totality, and as we become greater in touch with all that is, we gain access to all there is.

So, what do you want in your life, for yourself, for your family, for your Pride?

Have the courage to look at how you want to be loved – straight on. Then, love yourself enough to do what it takes to co-create and draw that life to you. Boundaries to keep the way true, integrity to keep you honest with yourself, discipline to stay the course for the haul.

Commitment to you.

But it starts with defining, describing…admitting what it is that you want at your heart center without shame or guilt.

Start here – Write it down. And then remember.

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