Men + Aba + Preach

I recently stumbled across these guys “Aba + Preach” and their Youtube channel. I find them incredibly interesting and this short + frank talk on the lack of space for men to learn, process, connect and heal in our current culture is poignant at the very least. I am being confronted with all of the ways that quality men have gone unseen and taken for granted in my life and I am shook. The conditioning that pits both sexes against each other runs deep in both the masculine and feminine and it will take true compassion from “woke” women to first forgive themselves for the ways that we have mis/distrusted the quality men in our lives, accept responsibility for our contribution to the degradation of men (WILD THOUGHT, I KNOOOOW) and then begin to truly heal the rift between us. As a mother of future men – these are my thoughts, y’all and a higher perspective rooted in a growth-mindset is necessary for forward progress. I say we get granular + truly introspective about some of the shit we’re up to as people ascending. Also, Aba references Jordan Peterson in a positive light and I am never mad at that.


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