A is for Alchemy – An Open Letter

Photo by Dominique Mireya Photography


It is so much more than a 21st century ascension-related buzzword, I can tell you that. Real talk – it is the ability to take some bullshit and turn it into golden soul fuel. It is the ability to take a dive, fall, mistake and nearly immediately flip it into a lesson that works for your rise as opposed to your demise. It is the ability to see your circumstance indiscriminately from every angle and work it, hone it, shape it into something eternally valuable. And if you have this ability there is not one place, situation, or person that can take it from you. It is yours by manor of birthright as it is found within you – often lying in wait in your DNA.

Back in the back of the days alchemy was practiced by the most accomplished of the Hermetics (many of you, like myself are the descendants of these) and consisted of true God-science – using mixed and useless metals to create AU – physical Gold. Individuals live now who are still practicing this aspect of magic…I came across a man on the path once and his pursuit was relentless – as is mine. But I am on the hunt for something else and am endlessly thankful for the understanding that this gift is not external, but already exist within and I want nothing more than to share it with you. In living, learning from everything around us, not dwelling, but building into ourselves, our families, our communities – allowing this skill to develop, grow and form in our children, as it by nature also their birthright.

They will try to stop you, contain you as they do me – but we need only pause and remember this gift is eternal just like the Source from which it is generated. It is in us, woven into the actual fiber of our being and once mastered shines endlessly without.

If you struggle, you have options. You can watch, as much of the activation is through observation. Or you can get in here, get connected and learn through proximity. I am not afraid to get in there and do the work with you. I ain’t skerred or selfish. We can and should all win. I got it tatted on me so you know it’s real. 💫

I am here to teach you how to spin that shit.



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