The Almost Relationship + Other Things I’m Hearing

I have been privy to so much lately that is truly touching my heart and allowing for explanation of what I am feeling in ways that I have not been able to verbalize.

I keep getting the sense that my learning has been fast-tracked as I seem to be willing to take the lessons and apply them quickly in preparation for my next stage in this life. I am not special in this way – it just requires a growth mindset and willingness to let go of what was and embrace what is.

I am allowing and acknowledging the emotions that come regarding what I am learning as much of it is painful and exposing. Instead of allowing these feelings to send me into a spiraling tailspin I am bringing my mind to heel and I am allowing these emotions to be a part of the lesson, and understanding how they are in many ways tied to my choices and are essentially ways I never hope to feel again. I am finding and allowing compassion for my own heart and for the relationships through which I am learning.

I am finding the precarious balance between an open and a wise heart – Allowing for both simultaneously.

These are a few of the teachers who are helping.


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