SPRING Equinox Energy

It is officially SPRING in the Northern part of the world and we are glad about it!!

As Nature goes, so does Spirit – as they are One and we feel this connectedness within us. The change is real and has been building within us from about this time last year (what you thought was change was ONLY the beginning) and we are tenderly testing our growth – not so much out in the world like the lovely flower, but within the personal choices you are making.

No one, other than those closest to you can see these changes as they are not external, but deeply + personally internal. And what will be revealed to you is that many knew you then, but do not know or accept you now. It is important that you cheer for yourself. Only you can see your vision.

Continue to move forward.

Filter your words and reactions with compassion as your change is a reflection of the personal fear in others. There is a reason why the Butterfly cocoons.

Love is revealed in acceptance + release of the need to control.

Alchemy in all things as you build your new internal world in preparation to blossom for the World to see…and some of you are building for WORLD CHANGE. STAY THE COURSE.

There is a juxtaposition between the energy of Aries and the internal pull of cosmic water to slow down. Continue to integrate the feminine water as you temper the fired masculine. This is for All as we all have these energies.

What you are building within yourself is meant for true longevity and ascension. Take care.



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