Might Activate…Every Heart Matters

A mood after integrating

Yeshua called to me in a hummed song through a closed door today and He made me lay down to release, and to see.

“Girl, are you done yet?”

Yes, I am – it’s all yours now, all of it. He was at my head and Mary, Full of Wisdom, at my feet. Michael held watch, sword in hand. Sandalphon, arms crossed, waited patiently for me to receive while Azrael offered Death to all of the things that no longer serve me, and I took it. Tears stream.

I asked for Linc, and he came forward – I held out my hands and as he reached me he became a tiger cub in my arms. I held him tight for a second, a tender good-bye to a gifted, devoted guide – and handed him back to Yeshua.

A deep breath as I integrated the permanence.

Then, my personal vehicle of cosmic experience, my merkaba appeared and He said, get in.

In an instant I was looking at the Earth from above, detracted and distanced – a dark, dense ethereal cloud is covering the all of our home planet. I am reminded of and long for another home in a distant time and place, a place of origin that no longer exists – the cloud is familiar, ominous and transient in nature.

Above the darkness, watching, waiting space is filled, filled with watchers of our drama – intrigued by our choices and inability to See.

“Is that enough?”


I understand the dire straights and perilous existence in which we reside and small fissures of painful remembrance form on my heart …and we are now traveling to the very center of the Earth, Mother’s very own heart suspended in the center, surrounded by a very different darkness – the darkness of creation not yet realized. She is still fertile and giving after all she has endured. The comparison is not lost on me. I am honored and humbled. And there are yet more tears.

In lights that come and go like fading neon Every Heart Matters illuminates the space within. “Do you understand?” Yes, I do. Thank you for showing me and I love you so very much. “Of course. I love you. Now be done with the rest.” And I Am.

A flood of faces began to appear who are also here for This and I am so thankful and remember I am very loved Here and my longing is soothed. Some of your faces were there. I am thankful for you.

I hugged Trent and he held me for the first time in 4 years. I was released from my obligation to…everything.
Teachers, healers, workers of light and love – you are not alone. The very most important things you can do are surrender and take care of yourself.

Every heart is a very big job.


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