Shadow Work

My crew and I giggled so hard this week at “awakened bro” and his path to enlightenment. Austin seems to be littered with men seeking themselves, which is a beautiful thing. However…

The tools I see them collecting on their path to fixing – Aubrey Marcus podcasts, biohacking, cold-water dips, silent discos, deprivation floats, breathwork, crypto-knowledge, men’s groups, sweating and hugging with shirts off, ketamine, lotssssss of mushrooms + sacred smoke. But all of a sudden “awakened bro” is missing on his search for himself. And my hope for him is that he’s alone somewhere in a dark room, crying into his pillow, confronting all the parts of himself that he can’t hack. Tools. To aid one on the path.

But these things are not Truth.

There is no circumvention of the Truth. And in divine timing it will find them and fck them up proper. There aren’t enough CBD gummies in the world to protect from his shadow. It’s stays with him, haunting every ecstatic dance.

It is a part of him and until the bunned-one has his Etrayu in the mirror moment and chooses to accept and integrate that the shittiest parts of himself are seen, forgivable, loveable and worthy of the greatest Love just as he is – even if his mother didn’t see him or love him and even if his father will never be proud. Until he calls these parts of himself back to himself we will continue to wonder whatever happened to awakened-bro and all of the lovely ideas he had about taking control of his life.

Standing still in surrender is the greatest medicine. My hope is that his heart is broken open with the revelation of our need for true, balanced, integrated, authentic masculine – not just those who play the part on YouTube – so that the real hacking can begin.

If this is already you and this is your path and you made it – high 5s and first bumps all the way, bro. I hope for everyone Joe Rogan is the hero we all need and his guidance is supreme.

Try this though, the next time you’re fire-n-icing, ask Yeshua what he thinks about it all. He’ll tell you – the best shadow worker.


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