8.23 For Whom The Bell Tolls

Your heart is ready for you to stand.

If you are reading this it is very likely that you have cleared some very very large karmic hurdles in regards to what you think is possible and even what you will allow to be possible in your life.

There are relationships and connections that no longer serve the you of today that you have been able to close out with grace, seeing and allowing the natural progression of what was to be that, what was.

This process has been accelerated within you for approximately the last 2 weeks – although, the last 2 weeks is actually the culmination that began in you expressly about 4 years ago. A couple of items to note – the good on the horizon that you feel coming for yourself is real.

Allow this good work to be complete in you as you give effort with flow towards your dreams. Spirit is supporting you completely in this. The feedback is immediate (you’ll know because your senses are returning to their natural baseline equilibrium) – you’ll feel right for you vs.wrong for you. If you choose wrong for you – going against the feelings generated between sternum and bellybutton – you will be starting a new, negative karmic cycle – DON’T DO IT.

Choose New.

Albeit unknown and potentially frightening, you are being asked to trust that the new IS actually what you have been anticipating quietly for so long.


And at the very least remember that as you recognize your old cycles you know EXACTLY what is at the end for you. Lean in. You’ve landed.

You still have today to communicate to Holy Spirit that you are on the same page. The window is VERY OPEN. Send it up. They’re waiting for your ok for you to recieve through co-creative participation even if it’s just a simple Yes in prayer.

Be mindful about the food. It’s likely the last stronghold in your life.

You are heard and supported in all things. Now allow.


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