Mother’s Roses

The conversations I have in the morning with my mother after breakfast has been served and children are off happily to school are some of the most important of my life to date. I wondered for some time why when my intention upon moving back to my childhood home from Arizona was to move within six months I’ve ended up staying for nearly three years. It is very clearly because I still had much to learn from her.

As the veil thins to imperceptible between the spiritual and tangible world’s and our hearts are being made aware of so much more in regards to our existence there is also a simultaneous changing of the guard taking place. It is, in fact, grow up time. The lessons we didn’t know were lessons because we experience the heartache and disappointment associated are integrating and solidifying into something wholly meaningful in this present moment. Looking back you can now see why, with some compassionate perspective why your parent with all of their flaws and foibles are you parents.

1601 Nativity Tradition

Your presence here at this time is absolutely by Divine design and the lessons you have integrated and transmuted are, dare I say, essential to the collective presently. Continue to hold tightly to the value of your existence.

Many of us, however, are still not listening. God will move you one way or another. When you listen, discern and obey, you easily fast track to an outcome or situation that is consistently better than you can imagine and in position to do more with less than you ever thought possible. Alternatively, when we drag our feet out of lack of faith and giving over to fear the way is rough, and long, tiresome and perilous. We are encouraged to learn quickly now. Quickly. Time is short.

The war that has raged just outside of our periphery since the beginning of man’s existence is filtering out of the collective subconscious and directly in individual consciousness. Denial of this Truth is detrimental at best. We will see the unimaginable very soon.

Watch and pray for your children. They know so much. And the dogs. They’re different too.

The Sentry

For me, 42 Earth years worth of information + eons of galactic knowledge is pushing forward to be shared simultaneously. I would imagine based on my observations and intuitive touch that the same is true for you – give or take few years/eons in either category. My advice – pursue with haste and fervency that which calls to you and continue to trust that the right people, the right moments, the right lessons and the alignments will converge in right, Divine timing.

What a world. Happy to be here. Grateful to be with you in it.

I’m hosting a webinar regarding your gifts and relationship Dec. 20th. I hope that you’ll join us. We have some things to discuss.


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