What’s In A Name – It’s All Babel

Watch, allow, turn your DISCERNMENT switch to ON. Save that setting permanently – then read. Proceed to Analyze heretofore with reason + logic, using your heart and gut-brains as your guides.

I’m not a fan of categorizing people – the inventing of names for types of humans is a form of detrimental, separatist rhetoric that will strongly contribute to the downfall of humanity as we know – not necessarily a bad thing at this point, but collectively painful nonetheless. Ultimately, I believe it diminishes true identity and God light within.

But there are times when the proper naming of a thing is ESSENTIAL to the understanding of the impact of an associated situation.

Americans and people who live in this nation are being forced to leave areas in which they live in order to save their lives and the lives of their families.

There is a term for this being used heavily in media to reference individuals seeking the safety of our homeland, who are in search of a new and brighter future. The images and clips associated meant to invoke compassion, guilt and shame for attempting to keep them from said future. Hoping you’ll notice and hold tightly to the difference between those here already in residence and those in search of asylum.

The term is refugee.

Refugee – a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Have a frank conversation with someone who has just left Los Angeles or San Francisco or Chicago or Philadelphia, I dare you. The PTSD is real and the comparisons astounding and relatable.

In the video Iverson cleverly refers to them as Leftugees, with a subtle clap on her own back. This is far too partisan for my taste.

So, I say, let’s take to calling these citizens what they are. Refugees. Maybe then they can get some government funded support.

Goodness me, if you’re still living in Penn, Jersey, NY, Cali, Washington, Oregon…whhhyyyy?

Get brave, value your quality of life – as it is all you truly have – ask for help and make a RUN. Sincerely. As DeSantis and Abbott and the rest of the reds double-down blues will do the same and the health and well-being of yourself and your families is at stake. It’s true.

And, pick your cities carefully – looking at you, Mayor Adler.

Praying for our nation and world.

With my eye I see leveled up struggle and strife for the collective – January + February. The weather will be a deciding factor again (already is…tornados in December).

Imagine the FebFreeze2020 as a test run for severe weather manipulation.

Get in a community, build your world, do your best to contribute and shelter in place.

AND TURN Chinese News Network OFF. PLEASE. It will drastically improve the quality of your health like no mask ever could. They are the arm of corporate programming that is looking to lean into your fears until you hand your life and the lives of your children completely over to them. And given the quality of their production staff (lgbtqiaPPPPPP) what they want to do with them is NOTHING NICE.

Oh, and please stop convincing yourself that we are saving individuals from a life less lived by keeping open borders. What we are actually doing is putting the lives of EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY at risk. Almost lost a friend to Fentanyl 2 weeks ago – now he is picking up his pieces after being sober for 3 years. So, as you are consciously momming, please consider expanding your consciousness to the true and actual needs of the individuals that make up the world around you.

Wondering if this will get opinion-checked in the Meta by Zuck’s AI-TrueEgo.

I was once referred to as an “Evangelical Candace Owens.” That’s cool. She can cover low – I’ll stay high.

Go To The Borderline.

I told my mom I’m starting a newspaper. “Really?! Nice!” And then I proceeded to watch the excitement of the news fade to black at recognition of what I had just said…and then I reminded her swiftly and lovingly why God only gifted her one biological child.

Imma say some stuff.

And I’m back 😤

If you want to give to support my work, projects, writing, translation of what I am seeing you can. I’d love it if you did. It helps me to so more. And I want to do so much more.


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