Feminism, A Case Of Need

It’s not that I am not concerned with the men – the opposite is true, I am very concerned with the men as I am raising two and loving one deeply. But I  am, in fact, much more concerned with the women, as I am one – try as the world might tell us the opposite, this is an inescapable fact of my birth. So, I might as well get about being the best one I can be and hopefully help others do the same if they might find something that I have to offer as valuable to them.

My higher self communes with me most just before my waking hours, sharing various ideas from app creation to names for business store fronts, but mostly about what to write next.

This morning she started me on a tangent about the resurgence of the 1950s housewife in me + what I see as a general response in women that we are experiencing as a result of existing in wartime. Baby + Homemaking as an inmate feminine response to existential crisis – a need to withdraw and create a world of independence apart from the chaos of the outer world. This is how we do battle, in the home and in the heart.

A paring down of the excess and inessentials of worldly, often pointless, education of our children by outsiders to that that truly matters and is sustaining. The idea of gender roles and the fulfillment of them is of God and is essentially rooted in the survival of the species and seen inescapably throughout the natural world.

No Gaga, we were not born that way – we were born THIS way and created as such quite purposefully as a means of perpetuating living.

Deviation from the masculine and feminine at it’s core is destructive at best and rips at the fabric of humanity. Where do you think all of the pandemic babies are coming from?

Don’t fight the feeling. It is not simply boredom. It is a clue and key to a much greater need within with which to serve the all.

These babies are being born out of need. The boom we are in the throes of smacks of survival.

 Taken from “Enduring Grace – A Living Portrait of Seven Women Mystics” by Carol Lee Flinders


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