Jonah – Confronting Mystery with Obedience + Faith

The whales come to me often, in dreams with language of depth spoken through immersion.

I woke up angry, with the truth sitting like medicine in my mouth.

Do not come to me for answers unless you are ready because I no longer care if you like me. The truth is much more important than your opinion of me. I have continually had everything I hold dear taken from me at some point in my life and that fact, I am seeing, has created an invincible monster within, a force of light that can not be reconciled or understood by the darkness.

When God asked if I would go, I said yes.

When He said, Even there? I said yes.

Jonah and the Whale.

I have seen Jonah and heard of him many times, thinking of him separately from myself – as someone else’s story, someone else’s lesson to be learned.

But his story is my story, his lesson my own.

But they will reject me, we cry, fearful. They won’t hear me or believe me. Your words are harsh and not well received. They might even kill me for saying them. I won’t say them and I won’t go.


Yes Lord.

Do you remember when I asked you if you would go?

Yes I do.

And I asked you if you would go, even There?

Yes. I remember.

And what did you say?

I said I would go.

And what are you doing now?

Not going.

You need to spend some time in quiet understanding. I need you know who I Am from the inside out. You have seen death, yes?

I have, up close. You have shown me.

And what did you think of Death when you met?

At first I was frightened, and then I saw and understood it is a part of the process of all things and nothing to fear. I saw that it is not even truly that Death that people fear – it is pain.

And what of pain?

People bring about their own pain as a response to fear that is generated by their own self-induced separation. And lack of accountability and responsibility. And even then, they blame that on pain on an invisible power that is Not. Giving that that is Not power over them.

Yes, you’re right. So why is it you won’t you go again?

Because I am afraid.

Hmmm, I believe your fears will swallow you whole. If I was to allow your fear to swallow you whole, what would be left to fear?

Nothing Lord.

Then you would go and speak my words?

I think all choice would be removed in the matter, Lord.

Then, it is so.

Water is the blood of this Earth, of existence itself. The Water knows all things and remembers all things, suffers all things, endures all things and is a miraculously simple, yet infinitely complex display of Holy Spirit. To be held in Water is Holy and creatures of the Water are sacred. Jonah was not being punished – he was being allowed to see, to know, and to greater understand the mystery. God’s greatest example of show and tell.

We give men – note: if you think of my use of the term men outside of the collective way of thinking of people this is not for you yet – We give men too much leeway when we blame Satan for their crimes, an invisible force outside and separate from themselves, from ourselves.

Oh, there is darkness do not be fooled into thinking otherwise, but the darkness is innately our own and the boogieman scapegoat is a patently irresponsible concept.

Every One is individually responsible for bringing to heel, to heal, the darkness that is within, that is ours. In this way, this too is our birth-rite. All are accountable. In this, and every life.



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