Grace 1.18.22

“Is it Grace to pick up the pieces on your behalf, or is it more full of grace to allow you the space, time and resources to pick up your own for it is by Grace that we are saved. It is by unwarranted favor that we are allowed to see and to know through covered experience.

Simply keep learning. You are allowed.

You are loved in the midst of your learning, for I am showing you, I am showing it is by Grace, by indescribable covered allowance that you are saved. This is Grace – Movement through this life with easy assurance in all that is. And it is by Grace through faith in the knowing, internal remembrance that through Love we are saved. It is all Love, to be created through you by all there Is or ever could be.

Creation through you brings light to shadow. It is by Grace through experiencing this shadow and bringing it to heal we are saved. Grab hold of the love of all there is with all your might. It is truly the source. There is deep knowing in you of this that is undeniable and much human suffering is rooted in this attempted denial in and subsequent attempted separation from this Truth. It is by graceful allowance that we are allowed to accept a fraction within us of all there is and experience it’s vastness simultaneously. This is Grace.

Simply allow for the measurement of Love that is within you to permeate your being in such a way as it is properly channeled through you, the light that is within. It is in there, in you. Trust it. And allow yourself to grow in it, and it to grow in you, to be used by it and it be used by you because that is all that is necessary.

Everything is conceivable to be experienced and in leaning toward returning home this is where hope is necessarily applied, with inner knowing. Believe it is true, without limits. Allow for it to be true, without avoidance – but in confrontation of Truth.

It is by Grace that we are allowed sight. As you release your attachment to that which is inconsequential to your actualizing journey you will be allowed to See.

It is by Grace and with eternal compassion that we are shown the Truth of ourselves in order to be in ultimate accordance with the One.

This is simply how it is. And so it is.”


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