Billy Graham + JFK, 1961

So many mouths have been bound + tongues tied by generational curses and darkness. This is the time of correction and healing the energy around the throat. Many will be delivered, particularly men, but not limited to, from the snake who had a strangle hold on sacral energy that stifled any energy that was supposed to give rise to greatly divine oratory skills (the throat and the reproductive area of the body are inescapably linked) I’m shown Billy Graham juxtaposed against Barak Obama – two amazing, diametrically and theologically opposed brilliant orators. Wives and mothers, as you have done your spiritual work to resolve your own trauma you have simultaneously been creating pathways to support the men and boys in your life as they continue to allow strength to grow in their voices.

*I see 2 girls, tweens, who have been stifled in this area since birth.

Take particular note of babies born with damage to mouth and throat – in many cases this was a curse made physically manifest to inhibit the child’s great ability to speak God’s blessings over the lives of many.

And those who weren’t marred by physical defect suffered obsoletion through substance (particularly alcohol) and porn addiction – subsequently decimating any confidence intended to be fostered in the ability to speak with God-given authority. This is now being repaired simply through the consistent praise and reassurance. Yep. Praise. Speak life into the lives of these individuals as you begin to identify them. These individuals are waking to their gifts and feel the calling on their lives and even know they are meant to speak, but are struggling to release the pain of horrible insults to their identity placed as deterrents to the naturally intended divine path.

Male and Female Pelvic Floor Anatomy
Vocal Cord Anatomy

For many, breaking these binds means speaking declarations over their own lives. This act alone will work miracles to heal and reconnect essential components necessary to Speak.

Love these people. They are the trumpets.

Traditional Israeli Shofar

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