Saturday, May 14

Is it more relevant for me to tell you or to show it? Is it more effective for me to write it or to speak it?As I grow more into who I am and ever closer to true independence the questions that I ask myself are rooted more in refinement, than just beginning.

And the same seems true of the collective at the moment. We have been sitting on a goldmine of talent and creativity, the kind that is rooted in true authenticity, indicative of God within. But we have been shuffled into believing not only that our gifts will not be fruitful, but we have become financially dependent and codependent on institutions that claim they have our best interest at heart, but have been siphoning off our creative juices over time.

We have handed our sovereignty over to those we have placed in positions of power over us because we were told they know better…but how and why did these individuals gain power in the first place? Do they really know best or is extreme slight of hand been at play this entire time? The truth is becoming less and less subtle as we grow in confidence and step off into the unknown with courage + cumulative knowledge.

Keep standing up in your transformation as the walls of facade fall down around you. Let the Scorpio moon do what it does and allow it to continue to expose the deep and undeniable truth around you – it is inevitable. Stay in opposition to your Stockholm Syndrome jailer by continuing to build into your foundation with Grace, integrity and Love. You have learned A LOT…and they have taught you so much about how not to be and you are further along now towards being who you truly are.

Keep clean (your physical and bodily homes) and cut ties graciously and silently where necessary – you owe them nothing, but you are also called to be different in your handling of your departure then they have been with you.

Keep giving graciously, it keeps the heart open, but stay protective of the life you have been steadily building on the side – it has become so much more than you even realize.

At the end of this is rest and a final settling of the spirit as you are no longer attached to that which does not serve.

Love Live Love. ✨💜


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