JUST BEING (from March 23, 2021)

As I sit in a period of quiet as I am being reconfigured during a period of great transition and transformation (always, cycles – am I right?) I am working on streamlining my offerings and organizing the work that I have created in the past.

I came across a video I shot over a year ago and I am struck by the quantum aspects of the higher self and the connectivity there.

These words I spoke by the creek on March 23 are just as relevant today as they were then and I do not say that from an egoic point-of-view. No – I cannot claim these words solely as my own. This is how I know so many of these experiences and encounters that I have are truly Divine. God is timeless and the lesson He teaches are true now and then and will be always.

This is how we know Truth – ideology generated in Truth does not simply wash away with the changing of the time, culture or particular guard.
No, it just IS.

I am thankful for the gift of listening and obedience in spite of fear because without those I would not be able to benefit from these words now. I hope you find help and solace in them as I did.


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