God Stopped at I AM

God stopped at I Am.

He is I AM because He is everything and in being everything and creating us in His image He has given us permission to also exist as the human version of everything with in our own I Am.

We are obessessed with and are driven to adopt labels as a means of control and separation from our true divine identity. The most important mission you can adopt as a human being is the uncovering of your own identity – not as told to you by and through the adoption of labels, but as the purest essence of your own I Am.

I have experienced life this time for 42 going on 43 years of life on this Earth. The sum total of those experience have shaped the choices I have made in this life but they are not who I Am.

I am Alove. I am Adrienne. Adrienne is the only thing I am called to be on this Earth. It is all that is required of me by God and it is my divine miraculous right and through God’s unknowable Grace that I get to be only that.

He is known by many names, but God stopped at I Am.

2 thoughts on “God Stopped at I AM

  1. Princess Cupcake says:

    My name on IG for the longest time was NLove, and it just wants my heart every time I see ALove! ❤️
    The greatness within that only He knows until we surrender and then we emit it outward is magnificent. That is the word today! Magnifent greatness! And all the love!

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