I’m pulling together our curriculum for homeschooling/unschooling/homesteading this year and I am reflectively BLOWN AWAY by

1. How very little beneficial information was taught in my time in public school – the disservice we are allowing to continue to be perpetrated against our children simply by accepting and maintaining the status quo is frighteningly epidemic

2. How much I have to teach my children and how much they have to teach me (we just finished watching the environmental documentary “Plastic Paradise” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – as suggested by Gavin)

3. How much of a disservice we continue to do our children + our world in not incorporating Socio-Emotional Spiritual Learning directly DAILY (I’m going to work this year to adapt Break Method for the boys for our personal use and as Bizzie (creator of Break Method + general God-gifted genius) and I can come together over somethings that she is working extremely hard to create for teens I know this will come about naturally for all)

4. We are the kingdom builders. We are awaiting Jesus’ return, it’s very true – but we have work to do in preparation for his arrival. And these are heart things, yes – but they are also every things.

We have a ways to go collectively to improve and so much that we are accountable for, but taking personal responsibility and stopping to think for just a second about the choices we are presently – and in many ways – mindlessly making can change so much.

Waking up is hard to do-oooo – but it’s possible. Gavin’s tears at his reminded realization of the current and continued state of things is motivation enough for me.

High5 to those of you stalwarts who have been at the work – thank you. Love and encouragement to those of you still working towards and in the midst of transition. You can do it. ❀

Galatians 6:9 always.




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