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Normalize more thsn two things being true simultaneously regarding any given subject.

Ie – This situation is very difficult. I will be successful on the other side of it.

I am sad. I am strong.

I am happy. I am confused.

I trust you. Your actions hurt me.

Cell phones are powerful tools with access to so much information. My kid should not have a cell phone.

Facebook is useful. Facebook is gathering my data and uses it to subliminally prime me to think a certain way.

My cell phone is convenient. My core of my cell phone battery is the cause of major loss of life in the country from which it’s key components are mined.

Kanye West might be mentally ill. Kanye West knows a lot regarding music and taboo cultural topics.

Donald Trump is a pompous, arrogant blowhard. Donald Trump did a lot in a short amount of time to improve the American economy and support causes close to many ethnic minorities.

Barack Obama is the first American president to cross racial lines and barriers. Barack Obama is a traitor to Americans and cause great harm to our international relationships and global standing as a super power.

The water in Flint is still bad. The water in Ohio is too.

Joe Biden is a disgrace. He should not be in office. You should have listened to people who said not to vote for him. He is causing great harm to not only Americans, but to citizens globally by proxy. If Kamala Harris becomes president we are royally and supremely screwed. Joe Biden should not die. Barack and Michelle Obama are still running our country. (In this instance you will see that many things can be true.)

What is happening in Ukraine is complicated and sad. Americans are being lied to by their government about what is happening in Ukraine.

Russia is ruthless. Russia is right about the West.

White people can suck. Black people can be great.

Asians are not white. Asians are forgotten unless their statistical information is helpful.

White people can be great Black people can suck.

There are people in the government and media who are good and helpful. Neither entity has my best interest in mind and is self-serving through and through.

God is good. God is infinitely complex.

Jesus is coming back. I should be busy working on his behalf while I wait.

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