I was moved by myself this morning,  looking back on my experiences and the stories I have to tell in writing. I was reminded of my own gifts and their value…and that is good. It is good to be reminded.

I do such a poor job of sharing the best of me because it doesn’t look or feel like what we see here, specifically on Instagram. The false permanence this space provides is stiflingly slow death to creative longevity and chips away steadily at our self-worth, a crime not relegated simply to the denigration of the teenage psyche through attacks on physical perception.

I was reminded that in a time of great need I created an outlet for myself, my own platform for connection, exploration, cultivation, activation, expression, reverence and alchemy – my .com.

I see you, and me, building brilliance and putting it on display for each other, to share and to grow. I know you and I know your intentions, and they are good. But where does your legacy live?

The foundation of this IG house and all of its counterparts and imitations are sandy at best, leading to much larger ideas regarding the nature of this beast…but, I digress, for the sake of the here and now – if your social digital footprint was erased where would we find the fruit of your creation?

These are just questions and reminders for you and for me. I encourage you to remember to hold value around your own creations. The best parts of you all deserve a sound and secure home.

The quote on this slide was taken from an activation that I wrote after a deeply touching visionary encounter with Yeshua and Mary and my heavenly hosts and guides. You can find “Might Activate…Every Heart Matters” and so much more on BeingAlove.com.

#beingalove #writer #blogger #oracle #mystic #seer #creator #value #remembrance


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