Hey Light-worker, New Earth Leader in the Making, Spiritual Explorer!

Are you stuck, lost, confused, feeling trapped, wanting to quit, looking for answer that seem to be just out of reach? Are yearning to expand and connect deeper? Do you hear The Call but have no idea how to begin, or continue? I know the feeling and I have been given the keys to help you understand, integrate and implement your gifts in the hopes of getting you more active and impactful in your spiritual life and work.

Help is available to all who seek it, no doubt. However, my channel has made it very clear They do their best and most impactful work with those looking to transition from 3-dimensional work life to New Earth work on the path of service to humanity in the 5th dimension and beyond. Her words.

Enter 50 to LIFE

In this time we will work together through my channel to intuitively uncover existing blocks and pitfalls you might be experiencing on the path to who you are truly meant to Be, and what your Soul is asking you to experience in this life.

Through these sessions we will work to tether you back to your soul mission + path, with guidance as to how to navigate the fluctuating changes that will arise in regards to your purpose in being as we activate dormant aspects of you.

I will teach you how to consistently and confidently recognize the language of Spirit and help you integrate the language of the Universe on your personal path to sovereignty.

These session can be deeply activating and tend to offer answers/connections immediately. Purging is possible and awareness of your higher self and communication therein is generally inevitable.

This connection is:

$117 for 1 session

If we determine that more sessions would be beneficial we can arrange further pricing options together.