The life of my family was forever changed Sunday August 10, 2014 when my husband was in an SUV rollover accident and as a result of said accident we subsequently discovered Stage IV Synovial Sarcoma – a rare form of soft tissue cancer. Our journey from diagnosis to death and then my own rebirth has been nothing short of miraculous…nothing in my life looks as it once did.


“There is a crack in everything. That’s where the light gets in.”

My whole being was cracked wide open through the process of Trent’s passing and a deep knowing descended and settled into my heartspace.  There is truly more to this life than we can even imagine and I am in full pursuit of all that has been withheld by my own limiting self-belief. Mine is a story of faith, will and perseverance and will continue to be one of victory – and as I continue along my own path I continually come into contact with souls who have victory stories of their own. There is true power in our soul-history and in the stories we tell that connect us and remind us and return us to our humanity.  I choose to live my life as Trent and I decided before his passing – as the fullest expression of me, not holding back in words or Love, and part of that expression is through sharing – my experiences, my life, myself. Come out on the rocks with me.

One thought on “FOR TRENT.

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