What Do You WANT?

Naaahhh, but like, for real though…what do you want? Remove, set aside, block, throw out the window – the energy that says you can’t, or you don’t deserve or it isn’t possible…just put it over there (literally picture yourself setting it over on the stool in the corner) for 5 minutes and allow the deepest desires of your heart to surface, embracing without judgement. Look at it, all of it…

More Beautiful

Today I am trying to recall something more beautiful than a woman who is in full acceptance of all that she is. A woman who understands the power within her own femininity – resting in it, doling it out with integrity, bolstering the deserving and honoring her boundaries with those who are not yet ready […]


I like a challenge.  I often find aka throw myself into situations where my edges and metal will be tested. This is the life of an alchemist. Growth sometimes looks and feels like punishment and the shedding of layers and exposing of new skin is jarring and vulnerable, but what we learn about ourselves and […]

Family History

Our Galactic and Spiritual History and the way that we are experiencing it today can actually be summarized pretty easily. Our story is actually the story of one family and a son with the a gaping chasm of a parental wound – one the size of the hexagonal storm on Saturn. All names have been […]


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About Me

Being Alove. This is me. I write when I’m inspired and when I have a teaching message to share. I share these teachings through the eyes of the life that colors my perspective – that of a mother, a daughter, a widow, an artist, an entrepreneur, a deeply spiritual being apexing their ascension. I am here to speak to you through an always-alchemizing life. On that culture might tell you should be a lost and broken. I’ve stumbled, fallen big time more than twice, but my faith in my divine purpose and the profound healing I’ve experienced and am bound to share keeps me anchored to the notion that there is more to this life for all of us. I will remain well in pursuit of all that Is.

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2016 v 2020

These transformation posts are always so personal – and as much as I share/used to share, these posts are few and far between because they touch a really vulnerable piece of me. But as I push forward with my teaching I understand their place.

I see what you see, of course – a person who changed their body from that to this. And it is remarkable, I do acknowledge that. But what you don’t see, but maybe feel, is that the most profound transformation is the one that took place on the inside. The photo in the middle is of a person 4 years ago who was barely hanging on to life – I would imagine myself crashing my car on the way to work because I thought I could actually rest if I was in the hospital. And me – this morning ME – is a person who is IN THIS VERY MOMENT actively pursuing, designing, manifesting, living her dream life. Like, RIGHT NOW.

Once I figured out that it’s not about the body + weight, but so much more about healing the brain + heart + energetic body everything changed. You have to heal all parts of the self  to experience outer change, which is simply a byproduct of the inner peace that is achieved with acceptance and knowledge of how our vessels really work. In most cases the outer-self is a direct reflection of inner dis-ease or health. After my experience with my own transformation I can now simply look at a person’s body composition +  observe their movement and pinpoint pretty accurately which energetic center needs attention and why. Moving the body with the aim of reconnecting energetic body with physical body is . This is EMBODIMENT + it should be the primary goal because bodies talk and can tell you everything you need to know about yourself in order to SHIFT EVERYTHING – I can teach you how to observe and listen to your own body’s subtle cues so that they are no longer subtle but an ongoing beneficial conversation about what your body needs and why. This is why movement is medicine – it puts you back into your body so that you can treat yourSELF. True Sovereignty.

We can talk about it one-one if you like – book a Life Session.

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