Jonah – Confronting Mystery with Obedience + Faith

The whales come to me often, in dreams with language of depth spoken through immersion. I woke up angry, with the truth sitting like medicine in my mouth. Do not come to me for answers unless you are ready because I no longer care if you like me. The truth is much more important than [...]

My Experience

I was touched. I couldn't have found a more accurate description of that experience if I tried - which I have not. I didn't have to. It was brought to me. I know I am not alone in this experience. If you are one like me it is ever important to stay close and remember. [...]

My Current Reading + Study List

**UPDATE - I posted the picture with the books but it did what it wanted to and didn't actually post. Here you go, all. Enjoy. My most up-to-date reading/study list. I skip around as God + The Team leads. There is much to be gleaned from all of the above. I am thankful to have [...]

Feminism, A Case Of Need

It's not that I am not concerned with the men - the opposite is true, I am very concerned with the men as I am raising two and loving one deeply. But I  am, in fact, much more concerned with the women, as I am one - try as the world might tell us the [...]


I was sequestered. And the reasons and purpose behind this modified isolation from the familiarity of that which I hold dear is being revealed to me in Divine timing, and spades. It was placed in my heart that I would not be able to read, take in, or understand the written works of many for nearly 4 years. Why does this matter - what significance does this play in my life? I'm a writer, in my spirit, a philosopher by nature, a thinker, with a degree in English Literature - once a teacher of the written word to young people as a profession.


And so it begins...again. The Being Podcast is coming BACK and I am eager to reconnect with so many of you and others for the very first time. Welcome. This is where we just are, in all the ways that we are...Being. If you are interested in speaking with me about how you are existing [...]

What’s In A Name – It’s All Babel

Watch, allow, turn your DISCERNMENT switch to ON. Save that setting permanently - then read. Proceed to Analyze heretofore with reason + logic, using your heart and gut-brains as your guides. I'm not a fan of categorizing people - the inventing of names for types of humans is a form of detrimental, separatist rhetoric [...]


Your presence here at this time is absolutely by Divine design and the lessons you have integrated and transmuted are, dare I say, essential to the collective presently. Continue to hold tightly to the value of your existence...cont'd.

Personal Treasure Pursuit

I've really been mulling over what it is to be me - being in the pursuit of my personal treasure - and I know that my personal treasure is directly related to being and staying in service to humanity. I have gifts - a certain set of skills - and in my divine make-up, my [...]


When I lose my center, find myself a bit off-kilter God reminds me though them of my mission here. My job as their mother is the greatest and most important. Raising them IS God's work. And as a parent, your work is the very same. This is true understanding of the assignment.